Special days and Holidays

All kind of holidays and special days all over the world. You’ll find a description of these holidays and some fun things you can do. For example, you’ll find special coloring pages from these days, so you won’t get bored being free from school during a holiday.

Holidays are the excellent opportunities for kids to do fun things. Because they are free from school, they have to be entertained and kept busy all day long. And if it’s a long holiday, like 2 weeks, parents can run out of ideas. In that case a holiday of 2 weeks can feel like one of 4 weeks :). Well, there are a lot of sites with special things to do within these holidays. When it’s Christmas, you can download great Christmas coloring pages for all ages, or when it’s Easter, you can download Easter craft ideas. With Valentines Day you can color in some valentine coloring pages or send some online cards. So, there’re a lot of things to do for kids during their holidays.

Below you’ll find links to pages with information about these holidays and special days all over the world. Of course you’ll find a lot of things to do with these days.

List of special days and holidays

  • Birthday – Your own birthday must be one of the most special days of all
  • Christmas – Christmas, one of the greatest holidays all over the world
  • Easter – Easter Day, the holiday kids can search for and paint some eggs
  • Halloween – Halloween, a very scary period where kids can go trick or treat
  • Mother’s Day – Mothers Day, one of the most important days for mothers and grandmothers
  • New Years Eve – New Years Eve, a great evening to color in some New Years Eve and fireworks coloring pages
  • Sinterklaas – in Dutch: Sinterklaas knutselen, kleurplaten en liedjes voor het grote Sinterklaasfeest op 5 december
  • Valentine’s Day – Valentines Day for (secretly) lovers to surprise the one you’re in love with.