Coloring pages

Coloring pages are a great way to keep your kids busy all day. The smallest kids like to scratch with the pencils or crafts. The older ones try to stay neatly between the lines to make the best colored in coloring page ever :). It can always happen that a kid goes outside the lines and he or she can be really frustrated about it. Especially when the coloring page is almost finished. In that case you can always print these coloring sheets for your kid again. That is the advantage of the free online printable coloring pages.

Below you’ll find great pages with thousands of coloring sheets from all kind of different characters and themes. What to think about Animals, Barbie, Birthday or Cars coloring sheets. Or maybe you’re more into Dora, Diego, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck and their friends. We also have coloring sheets from pirates, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh and much more. There are even sheets for special days, like Christmas, Mothers Day and Valentines Day. You name it and it will probably be there. There must be a favorite coloring page between these pages for your kids to color in.

Children love coloring sheets and of course it’s a great way of keeping them away from playing games on their Nintendo WII, Xbox or Playstation. Of course they can also read books or things like that. But wouldn’t it be great to let them make their own coloring book with all their favorite sheets you can find on this ABC for free?

We’ve tried to offer a wide range of all kind printable coloring pages you can download, Of course we will try to continue offering new coloring sheets.

Find your favorite coloring page to print and let the kids try to stay neatly inside the lines πŸ™‚

Coloring pages