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First of all, you can us on facebook, so you’ll receive information from Only Kids Only about updates, new topics/themes with new coloring pages, coloring games and games to print, pictures, wallpapers, learning tools and more. You’re asking yourself why? Well, we’ll explain this to you below.

Second of all, of course welcome @OnlyKidsOnly. This is the site which is meant to help young children to explore their creativity and learning skills. Onlykidsonly.com has a wide range of activities for children. This site doesn’t need any introduction, because the name says it all. This site is only for kids and for kids only 🙂

On this site you’ll find great pages with (online) activities. Think about coloring pages for the younger ones, coloring games for kids, printable games, wallpapers, drawings, pictures, learn to draw tools, learning tools, geographic maps, etcetera. And this from all kind of topics related to little and the elder children. Of course it’s meant especially for children, but secretly there is also some fun between it for the older ones. Check out the top menu with topics, use the search option or use the links below to all the activities:

The parents will also enjoy this site big time. It will not only help children to be educated, it will also save them a lot of money and time. That’s because kids will be kept busy all day without wining at their parents to buy some coloring books or to keep them busy. So onlykidsonly will be(come) the best friend for kids and parents. Get rid of all the coloring apps and get back to the real work. Let’s go color in the old school way with coloring pages to print. And in order not to skip the parents, we also have coloring pages for adults.

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