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Coloring Pages
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Printable games

(Online) activities are for children who can get bored very quickly. Before they’ll get annoying or naughty or running around, you can keep them busy with various activities indoors, outdoors or anywhere else. There are many activities to do at home, but of course there are also activities to entertain kids at school or daycare or somewhere else.

The online activities we offer are specially made for young and old, boys and girls. Even parents can enjoy coloring in some of these coloring sheets, playing some games or do some drawing.

Coloring in coloring pages is a very simple activity for kids. All you need to do is find some great coloring pages your children like, download and print them, get some pencils or crayons and let the kids do the work. It’s very nice to see that the older the children become, the better they will color in these sheets from the coloring pages.

Other fine activities with pencils or crayons, is drawing. We can learn you how to draw with great examples and also show some great ways of drawing. We also show some kids art with the online activities, so you can see what some kids have done.

When you like games, we offer you some printable games. Some you can also play on the screen as online activities, for example ‘find the differences’, but it’s also possible to print them and play them offline.


Below you’ll find links to pages with all the (online) activities mentioned above. Whatever you choose to do, have lots of fun with it. And of course keep your kids busy with it :).