More dot to dot for kids

This is the second post we’ve placed with all kind of free dot to dot for kids games, also called connect the dots game. You can find the first post here at Connect the dots games. The printable dot to dot games below are also very funny activities, especially for the little kids. They have to download and print the game and try to connect the dots, dot to dot, in order by the numbers placed on the sheet. In that way you’ll complete the picture which you can color in like a real coloring page. Actually you’re making your own coloring page that way, the so called dot to dot coloring pages. Kids will be thrilled when they find out what they drew with these games.

Let the little kids learn to get a steady hand at the beginning of their drawing career. When you’re a little further, take a look at the drawing section where you can learn to draw in all kind of possible ways. As soon as you can draw by yourself, you won’t need any connect the dots game anymore 🙂

Kids like to draw animals, but sometimes this is a little bit too difficult for them. Because of that we’ve added some animal dot to dot games. Children will learn to draw animals on a simple way. And of course after this, they will keep busy coloring in their own coloring page they’ve made dot to dot.

Dot to dot failures

Of course the connect the dot game can become a failure. For instance, you:

  • forgot one ore more numbers
  • drew the line to a different number
  • completed it, but coloring it in became a failure

It doesn’t matter! Print it again and try to do it once again. That’s the benefit of free dot to dot games.

Click on an image below to go to the dot to dot game you can download and print for free. These are all connect the dots for kids, so these are not very difficult. Maybe in the future we’ll post some connect the dots for adults with extreme dot to dot games, but for now the adult can only help their kids with the less extreme ones 🙂

From some of the games you can see beforehand what it will become, but there are also some more difficult connect the dots printables between it. Find your favorite, download and print it and start the dots game.

Dot to dot for kids

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