Spring is in the air

SpringtimeDuring winter everyone is waiting and asking themselves when does spring start. Well, the time has come because the Spring season will start at March, 20. We can leave the cold and snowy weather behind us and we can make our way through spring to summer. Springtime is the foretaste of the nice hot weather the Summer season will bring us.

We hope the weather will be directly sunny at the first day of spring. Mostly with the springseason the weather will be sunny, trees will get new leaves and bulbs will become beautiful flowers. And of course butterflies will come out of the cocons and the birds will lay eggs and animals will give birth. So for example little lambs, chickens, piglets, foals and calves will be born. All these little baby animals, and their parents, can be seen at the farms.

Sometimes the weather is not directly good, so you have to wait a little bit longer for spring to begin.

Easter is always in springtime

EasterSpringtime is also the season when Easter will be celebrated. Easter is a little holiday which consists of good friday, easter sunday and the second easter day. Some kids say it like “Easer” because they cannot pronounce the t. With Easter you’re allowed to paint an Easter egg and you may search for some chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden. If you like this feast, take a look at the Easter section, where we have some nice Easter coloring pages for you.

We all hope the warm weather will make its entrance with Spring, because the winter has taken too long. It’s time for the spring cleaning and time for the kids to play outside. But what can you do when Spring is late and the cold winter weather persists? Well, you can download some Springtime coloring pages to colour in. When you want to skip spring and directly want to go into the Summer season, we also have some Summer coloring pages for you.