Categories on onlykidsonly on a row

CategoriesOn onlykidsonly we have divided all of our posts to one or more categories. When you select a category in the selection box at the right, you’ll automatically see all the posts within that category. Behind every category in the selection box, there’s shown a number which means how many posts there are within this category. Some posts have more categories, just because it can :). This selection box is available on every page on onlykidsonly, how easy is that :). This overview page can be found in the help menu (How to…?) at the bottom.

Besides the use of categories, you can also use the search engine. When you’re searching for something special, you can use the search function in the top menu.

List of categories

Below we’ll mention all the categories with an explenation from what kind of posts you’ll find there.
We also have placed links to the category pages, where you can find all the posts within this category. Just to make it easier for you :). The posts are shown 5 at one time, with the newest on top. You can easily go back to older posts at the bottom of the page.

Categories on onlykidsonly A – K

    • Airplanes – planes with eyes from the movies, but also paper planes
    • Angry birds – the name says it all
    • Animals – all kind of animals and pets
    • Autumn – the fall season
    • Barbie – the old fashioned doll
    • Butterflies – from caterpillars to the most beautiful butterflies
    • Cars – pictures, wallpaper and coloring pages from cars from the movie, but also from normal cars
    • Christmas – the holiday everybody is waiting for
    • Coloring pages – to keep kids busy all day long
    • Crafts – great things to do for kids
    • Daisy Duck – the girlfriend of Donald Duck
    • Disney – Everything what has to do with Disney, will have this category. For example you’ll find disney coloring pages here
    • Donald Duck – crazy duck from Disney
    • Drawing – learn to draw in different ways, kids art and much more
    • Earth – all things about our planet called Earth
    • Easter – the time to hide and search eggs
    • Fairies – all kind of things about fairies
    • Games – online and printable games for kids
    • Geography – the world geography
    • Goofy – clumsy Disney figure
    • Halloween – great to be scary
    • Hello Kitty – a little cute cat for the younger ones
    • Kids art – just art from kids

Categories on onlykidsonly L – Z

  • Learning – learning tools to make life for kids a little bit easier
  • Mickey Mouse – the main character Disney started with
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – a cartoon with all kind of Disney figures like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy
  • Minnie Mouse – cute mouse and the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse
  • Monster High – scary dolls
  • Mothers day – the special day every mother is looking forward to
  • My Little Pony – fashionable little horses
  • Nature – Posts with elements from the nature
  • Nick Jr – Dora, Diego and more from nickjr
  • Pictures – all kind of pictures from different topics
  • Pixar – Everything what belongs to Pixar, will have this category
  • Pluto – the most famous dog and truthfull friend of Mickey Mouse
  • Seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter, what’s your favorite?
  • Sinterklaas – a national feast in the Netherlands and Belgium for little kids, just like Christmas
  • Spring – spring is in the air
  • Summer – the most loved season of all
  • Tinkerbell – the most popular fairy from Disney
  • Valentines Day – great day for (secret) lovers
  • Wallpaper – all kind of wallpapers to use on your desktop
  • Winter – brrr