The continents of the world

We all live on our planet, called “Earth”. The earth, or maybe better, our world, consists for the most part of water. These are the great oceans and different seas. The rest where we live is called “land”. The earth is divided into very large pieces of land that we call a “continent” or “mainland”. But, how many continents are there and what are they? And what do they consist of?

How many continents are there and what are the continents?

The earth consists of 7 continents. The next question is “what are the seven continents?”. Well, these seven mainlands all have their own name, as you can see in the world map / continents map below. When you move over a continent, you’ll see some information about it. When you click on it, you’ll go the that mainland page with more information about the regions, states and/or countries the mainland consists of. For every continent we’ll also offer some coloring pages and learning tools for you. Just choose the continent and find out more about it.

World map continents

Click on a continent below to go to the section of that continent.

One of the seven continents Antarctica

All the continents in a row

Here you’ll find all the continents of our world. Each continent is a link to its own page and for every continent you’ll find information, coloring pages, maps and learning tools. Our intention is, besides the description of the continents, to describe all countries within the continents. The following step is to descripe the states, regions, areas etcetera within the countries. And for all we’ll place learning tools and coloring pages.

  • North America, with the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands Antilles and much more countries
  • South America, with countries like Argentina, Brasil, Chili and more
  • Africa, with great African countries like for example Egypt, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and the Canary Islands
  • Europe, with countries like United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain
  • Asia, with lands like China, India, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia
  • Oceania, with of course Australia, New Zealand and some great beautiful Islands
  • Antarctica, with very very very low temperatures 🙂

World learning tools

A learning tool cannot be missed when you have to learn about the world geography. You can of course buy a world globe, but online maps are easier nowadays. So below you’ll find a printable learning tool when you have to learn about the different mainlands our Earth consists of. Just fill in the name of the continent on one of the seven lines, but first download and print the world map :).

learning tool

Coloring pages of the world

Besides learning, it’s also great to color in a great world coloring page. Below we offer you some of these earth coloring pages with the World Map continents.

The world continents coloring page world map continents happy world map Earth coloring pages World coloring pages