Christmas is the holiday everyone is waiting for. When the autumn season is passing by and the cold and snowy weather is making it’s entrance, you know it’s almost that time of the year……IT’S CHRISTMASSS !!!

Like almost everyone else, kids love this holiday. Mainly because they are free from school, but also because of the cozy time with the family. And of course, as closure of this great holiday the fireworks and staying up late on New Year’s Eve.

With this holiday, there are a lot of things you can do. Most people will decorate their house and garden with christmas trees all colored up wih shiny balls, garlands, candy canes, etc. And of course everyone hopes for some nice presents under the tree. And you must not forget to hang some mistletoe in or outside the house. This mistletoe is the symbol of friendship and fertility. When a girl accidentally stands under the mistletoe, you may kiss her without being kicked out of the house :). So get your mistletoe and find a nice place to hang it.

But, with this holiday, it’s not just Santa who’s coming along, unpacking gifts and stealing kisses under the mistletoe. It’s also thinking about Jesus, that’s where it all started. With this feast the birth of Jesus is celebrated.

With Christmas, kids are free from school. When it snows, kids must of course play outside with for example sleighs or throwing snowballs. But unfortunately, it’s also possible that it rains. In that case kids will mostly stay inside, boring themselves. Well, we have the solution 🙂

Below you’ll find links to Christmas coloring pages to keep the kids (and parents) busy all day long. These are all kind of old and new world Christmas coloring sheets, like old santa coloring pages, coloring pages of father Christmas, Disney and Dora and many more.

Soon we’ll post some Christmas songs to be sang and some great funny Christmas craft ideas. For now, have lots of fun with these coloring sheets.

Christmas coloring pages

Christmas coloring pages

Coloring pages