You can not really see halloween as a holiday, but it’s certainly a very funny period. Just like holidays, but then a little more scary :). With halloween kids are allowed to dress up with a great costume like a witch, frankenstein or a mummy. Or of course some other freaky monsters they like.

Below you’ll find some Halloween coloring pages and a little bit from the history of Halloween. On the other hand, just forget the history, because this holiday is mostly about to dress up your kids as scary monsters and let them go “trick or treat” in the neighborhood. And of course the kid who’ll come home with the most candy, wins.

There are a lot of Halloween movies, but these are not meant to be seen by kids. This is because they are very scary which can cause nightmares. So, especially for children there’re made some cartoons with monsters, like Monster High. These are a little bit scary and mostly just funny like all cartoons.

Witch coloring page Halloween

More scary halloween coloring pages

These are of course just two of the many coloring pages we have. If you like to see more coloring pages from Halloween, just click on the image below. there you’ll find a lot more coloring sheets. In the future we’ll also offer you some Halloween backgrounds and some great Halloween ideas. For now you’ll have to do it with the coloring pages we offer. Of course you can color in a coloring page, scan it (of make a photo of it) and make it your own background on your computer. How great is dead, uhmmmm that :).

Halloween Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

Halloween wallpaper