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Washington The state in the north west of the West Coast, is called Washington. Make no mistake with Washington DC, because that’s the capital of the United States of America. This city lies in the District of Columbia, which isn’t one of the states. The state is called after the first president of the United States, first name “George”, last name “make a guess” :). Below we have some facts for you about this state, but there are also some things worth knowing about the capital. These may be some tricky questions on a exam you can get about the United States of America:

  • What state is Washington DC in?: It doesn’t lie in one of the states
  • Where is Washington DC?: It lies in the District of Columbia

Washington facts on a row

  • On which region of the USA: West Coast / Pacific
  • What’s the capital of Washington: Olympia
  • What’s the shortcode of Washington State: WA
  • Famous cities in Washington State: Seattle (the biggest city of this state) and Vancouver
  • Other know abouts: It borders Canada and it is the only state which is named after a president. Not just any president, but the first president of the USA. Don’t write it like Washinton on your exam, that mistake is also made very often.

There are a lot of universities in this state (and also a lot of universities in Washington DC), so get well learned with all the learning tools we offer you and get ready for your future at one of the universities in the USA 🙂

This Pacific state at the West Coast of the USA has its own state bird, a state tree and a state flower. The state bird is the Eastern Goldfinch, you’ll find this bird in the coloring pages below. The state tree is the Western Hemlock and the state flower of Washington is the Rhododendron. This is a small evergreen shrub (dark green leaves) which give its pink or white flowers in the summer season. This state flower is also known as the “white laurel”. You can also find it between the coloring pages.

Washington Maps and Coloring Pages

Besides coloring pages and maps of this State, we also have coloring pages of the person it’s called after, namely the first president of the USA.

blanco map of Washington Washington state bird George Washington Washington state flower First president of the USA Washington coloring pages The Seal of The State of Washington 1889 Rhododendron coloring page blank WA map

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