Mothers day

What could be more important than Mothers Day? Fathers day maybe …… 🙂 No no, mothers day is quite important, because the mother is one of the most important people in the life of a child. Therefore it’s good that mothers day excists so they can be spoiled on that special day.
A frequently asked question (mostly by kids) is, why there’s no childrens day? This is probably because mostly it’s childrens day every day of the week 🙂

With mothersday, the mother is often surprised with a homemade breakfast by her child or children. Often the children will be helped with making breakfast by dad before they wake up mother to start having breakfast in bed. During breakfast she gets homemade gifts to unpack. When the children are older, this often will change from “self made” into “purchased gifts for mom by itself”. Often there’s a poem stuck on the gift.

Every mother likes to be pampered on Mothers Day. Getting presents, a drawing or a homemade self colored coloring page cannot be missed on this day. Below is a link to some mothers day coloring pages that you can download and print. We have also included a link to some mothers day poems that you can download, print and then to paste it onto a gift.

Typically for motherday is that it’s also in the sign of visiting grandma. Of course, she is also a mother who needs to be pampered. Probably not with a breakfast in bed, but of course with presents from their child and grandchildren. Usually gifts are not necessary for grandma, it’s anyway a big party when the grandchildren come along (which usually regain a gift from Grandma). With this visit grandmothers are generally happy enough with it on mother day.

Mothers Day coloring pages

When you want to surprise your mother or you’re going to visit your grandmother, you can also surprise them with a mothersday coloring page. Below we offer a link to some mothers day coloring pages you can use to surprise your mom or grandmom. Whatever you decide to do, have lots of fun on mothers day.

Mother’s Day coloring pages
Mothers day coloring pages