Wood Block Puzzle – Just like Tetris, but different

Wood Block Puzzle

When you love to play tetris online, you also have to try this game: Wood Block Puzzle. It’s an addictive game just like Tetris, has the same Tetris effect but yet it is slightly different. You have to puzzle with all kind of blocks. When there’re no more options to place one of the blocks, it’s game over.

Some say these type of games are puzzles for adults, but these free online puzzles can also be played by kids.

Wood Block Puzzle

Start wood block puzzle game

This wood block puzzle works as follows. Open the game and choose which game type you would like to play.

  • The basic game / classic mode
  • The more difficult game / bomb mode

Online puzzle game

Within both type of games, you’ll get 3 blocks/figures to make rows and columns with. As soon you’ve placed a block, you’ll get a new one. You have to make rows or colums, when one ore more are complete, they will dissapear and you’ll get points for it.

When there’re no more options left to place the wooden blocks, it’s game over and you’ll have to start over again. Both games work the same, but in bomb mode you have to make the rows or columns before the bomb explodes. When you make a row or column where a bomb is placed, this wil dissapear and you’ll get points for the row/colums. But when the bomb explodes because you didn’t make a row/column, it’s also game over.

Game like tetris
Tetris like game

Search for this game between all other game apps and start playing this wood block puzzle game online. Have lot’s of fun and try to beat your own high score everytime. When you’re finished playing this game, maybe you can switch to the game where it al began…..Tetris. Eitherway, have lots of fun playing these online puzzle games