Happy Birthday coloring pages

All children can’t wait till it’s their birthday. This is of course because of all the presents to receive and the whole house to be decorated with balloons and garlands :). Only when these things are arranged, it can be called a Happy Birthday :).

There are a lot of ways to say “Happy Birthday”, for example you can also say “Congratulations” or “Best wishes”. And of course there will be the kisses or the hugs. You can also congratulate someone with a happy birthday coloring page, how unique will that be :).

It’s also nice to give a coloring page for someones birthday in stead of a present. You can color it in for the birthday kid or you can give it to be colored in. You can also make a coloring book with all kind of differents coloring pages. Colored in or not, both would be nice. Of course we can help you with some birthday coloring pages:). We have placed some happy birthday coloring pages for you to use on your own or someone else’s birthday.

There are a lot of different happy birthday coloring pages, because every birthday is unique. So we have placed a lot of coloring pages with the ages on it till the age of 10 years, how fun is that. And of course we have them for boys and for girls, so start printing and color in the coloring page you need. You can also use them on a birthday party to keep the kids busy with coloring when you’re out of candies and cake. All you need are these coloring pages to print and some pencils.

Whatever your plans are with these happy birthday coloring sheets is, have lots of fun with it.

1st birthday

First birthday with Smurfette First Birthday coloring page Happy birthday coloring pages Celebrate your first birthday with dino's Lightning McQueen Happy Bee-day

2nd birthday

Second birthday coloring page Snow White coloring pages Happy second birthday

3rd birthday

Smurfette coloring pages 3th birthday coloring page Great dino coloring page Celebrate with a princess

4th birthday

Fourth birthday with Smurfette Papa Smurf coloring page Happy 4th birthday 4th birthday coloring pages

5th birthday

The Smurfs Cars coloring page for your birthday 5th birthday coloring page

6th birthday

Happy Birthday coloring pages Fairies with a birthday cake Birthday coloring pages

7th birthday

7th birthday coloring sheet 7th birthday Happy 7th birthday Coloring page for your 7th birthday

8th birthday

Coloring page with Smurfette Coloring pages for your birthday Coloring sheets for your birthday

9th birthday

Smurfette with flowers for your 9th birthday Coloring page for a boy 9th birthday coloring sheet

10th birthday

Birthday coloring page for a girl Congratulations coloring page Tenth birthday coloring page Happy 10th birthday

Other Happy Birthday coloring pages for birthdays

Party with Hello Kitty Minions coloring page Happy Birthday coloring page with balloons Great cake for your birthday Happy Birthday Elmo