All wallpapers we offer are specially made for the young and older boys and girls. Also parents can enjoy these desktop backgrounds. Placing a wallpaper as the background for your computer, is very easy to do. All you need to do, is find a great wallpaper you or your children like, download it and set it as your background. You can also set is as your background directly from the internet.

You can also make a screensaver out of it, so you can download some more wallpapers and see them random passing by on your screen. It’s also possible, with for example windows 7, to rotate your favorite background images.

Younger kids like cartoonish wallpapers, teenagers like them of popstars like Justin Bieber or Shakira. But there are also wallpapers for all ages, like animal, flower or nature wallpapers. Kids love kittens/cats, puppies/dogs, mountains with snow, forests and so on. So why shouldn’t they get some nice wallpapers from these subjects to place on their computer?

With these wallpapers, we’ll try to offer a lot of different backgrounds in different resolutions, trying to satisfy everybody. Of course the amount of wallpapers must grow, so please be patient 🙂

Most wallpapers are made by ourselfs from the year 2002 until now. We would appreciate it if you´ll only use these for your own and won´t copy and distribute it.

If you need help, click here for the download instructions.

Wallpapers are also known as background images to place on your computer. Especially kids like wallpapers, so there’s a lot to find on the internet on free website vbackgrounds to download and set on their computer. Most wanted kids wallpapers kids are searching for on the internet are cartoon wallpapers, like a hello kitty wallpaper, a disney wallpaper, a barbie wallpaper or a spongebob wallpaper. Animated wallpaper is also a most wanted kids wallpaper. Also animals are loved by kids and other background from the nature. Have fun and find your favourite wallpaper.

Wallpaper ABC

Animal wallpaper – Great self made high resolution wallpapers from animals to set as your computer background.

Autumn backgrounds – Beautiful Autumn wallpapers from the fall season

Butterflies – Great wallpapers from butterflies to set as your desktop background.

Disney Cars wallpapers – Self made Cars wallpapers from the Disney-Pixar movies Cars 1 & 2.

Flowers – Beautiful wallpapers from flowers to use as a background or to place on your digital photo frame.

Nature wallpaper – Great photos made in nature to put in your favorite list of wallpapers

Rainbows – Beautiful rainbow wallpapers, all made standing in the rain 🙂

Tinkerbell wallpapers – Great wallpapers from the Disney fairy Tinkerbell and her friends

Winter wallpaper – Great winter backgrounds from this cold season