Games Tutorial

Tutorials can often be very useful before you start playing a game. On OnlyKidsOnly we offer a lot of different printable games for children which we’ll explain in this tutorial below. For convenience, we have also placed the links to the printable games on this tutorial page. For every kind of game, you can go to the page with games by clicking on the name of the game. Have lots of fun playing these games, but first read this games tutorial.

Most of the games we offer, are funny and easy games to play which are meant to learn the kids something without them knowing they are secretly educated. Kids like playing these games online on the internet or on the computer, but you can’t let them play these online games the whole time online. At some point your kids will get tiny “computer eyes” and they’ll only see some little twinkling stars in their eyes. In short, it’s not healthy to sit behind a display screen for a very long time, especially for little children. That’s why we offer you some nice free games you can print for your kids, namely the printable games. These games will also make sure you won’t get greasy and dirty fingers on your screen 🙂

All these games are just like coloring pages, but different. It’s nice, it’s fun and it’s absolutely instructive to print and play these games on paper. And of course these games are fun to play for adults too, who can’t remember these great games from the past. All these games are mostly in black and white, so it won’t cost you a lot of color ink cartridges. And after playing these games, it’s up to the kids if they would like to use them as coloring pages or they’ll ask for a new game to print.

  • Coloring games
    Color in some coloring games. You’ll get instructions which colors and/or which items you need to color in in this game (for example you can color by number). Of course all games mentioned here, can be colored in.
  • Connect the dots
    Coloring pages which are not finished. Some dots with numbers are shown, when you connect the dots in the correct order, the coloring page will be finished and can be colored in. This is a great game to get a steady hand.
  • Find the differences
    Ideal game to learn to focus and concentrate. In this game there will be shown 2 simular-like pictures. At first sight the pictures seem to be the same. But of course, they’re not :). When you look closer, you’ll see some differences between them. The longer you look at the pictures, the harder it gets to spot the differences. Print these games and spot the differences between the pictures or try to spot them online (in that case, don’t place markers on your screen 🙂 ).
  • Math games
    It’s good to learn maths early, so why won’t you begin learning your kids some simple math-things with these games. Math starts with counting, these are great games to start with it.
  • Maze games
    Kids need to find the right way to a final destination through a maze or choosing a path. Great game to do a little brain training with playing a maze game.
    In some games there’s not really a maze, but you have to find out which line is the first line to pass the finish line, so called race games. Of course there are many difficulty factors, like 2 or more lines and the different lines crossing each other.
  • Puzzle games
    On the picture is shown a puzzle, but one or more pieces are missing. Find the correct piece of a puzzle, it’s also fun to cut out the correct piece(s) and glue them on the picture. There are also puzzle games where you have to find the correct shade from an item or character shown. This game can also be called a shade game, but you have to puzzle to solve it 🙂
  • Race games
    In a racing game you have to find out which from the shown cars is the fastest. You can find that out by following the lines to the finish.