New Years Eve

New Years Eve is always on the 31st of December. When this day is over at midnight, the New Year has begun. But the last day of the year always takes a long time before it ends, because there’re always a lot of things to do when you’ll have familiy or friends over to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. Those things are mostly preparing for traditions within families, like making traditional snackfoods, preparing all kind of alcoholic drinks, search for boardgames to play, buying fireworks and of course lighters, placing the champagne in the refrigerator, placing the karaoke machine, setting the timer on the television to watch standup comedians, etc.

This is of course for the people who’ll stay at home on New Year’s Eve. Of course there’ll be a lot of people going outdoors to big events organized by a city or celebrate it with friends. The main cities mostly arrange a spectacular show which attracts a lot of people. All these people will countdown together to the new year and will be presented a great show with for example fireworks.

When it’s the time to celebrate the new year, most people go outside to watch or light up some fireworks. Of course when they’ve given through their best wishes and the toast with champagne.

When you’re talking about fireworks, you’re talking about kids. This is because kids love fireworks, especially with a day like New Year’s Eve. That’s because with New Year in most countries children may sett off fireworks by themselfs. And when you’re a little pyromaniac and you’re allowed to light up some firecrackers, you’ll absolutely enjoy this day. The preference of little children, is mainly firecrackers. The louder the bang, the better. When they will get a little older, the firecrackers will make room for decorative fireworks, like flares and decorative posts. Make no mistake, also these can make loud bangs.

When the evening goes by, everyone gets a little bit more nervous. The parents put the champagne ready to toast and give everyone their best new years wishes at 0:00, the kids already take on their shoes to be the first outside with their bags full of fireworks 🙂

What more can kids do to fill the evening before the clock strikes 12? Well, how about coloring in some New Years Eve coloring sheets or fireworks coloring pages. Or maybe watching some fireworks images? Well. it’s all possible because we’ve placed some funny coloring pages around New Years Eve and fireworks. Why don’t you print some, write down your best wishes on it and give it to someone you love. We also posted some nice images with fireworks around New Year’s Eve, made by ourselfs. Enjoy your New Years Eve and have lots of fun coloring in these free coloring pages and watching our firework pictures.

New Years Eve and Fireworks coloring pages

Here we have coloring pages with wishes for a happy new year by a boy and a snowman. Of course some coloring pages of flares and a father and son lighting them up must not lack between these firework coloring sheets

Happy new year Snowman Flares to light up Flare with a big bang Dad and son on New Years Eve

What a nice firework coloring sheets are these. One from a couple in love looking at the stars and the fireworks. We also have another happy new year coloring page and one from a couple bringing a toast for the new year.

Couple watching fireworks Flares coloring page Happy new year Cheers and best wishes for the new year

Of course it’s fun to light up some firecrackers and flares. But please don’t forget there are animals who live on the streets or animals who must go outside to take a pee (like dogs). Most animals are afraid of fireworks, that’s why we’ve also placed a coloring page with cats and dogs. When you see a animal, please wait with lighten up your fireworks until the animal is gone again. And never(!) throw firecrackers to an animal.

Don't throw firecrackers to animals

Fireworks images

We’re not gonna tell you how to make fireworks (please don’t start doing such foolish things) and we don’t have fireworks for sale. When it’s the time of the year, of course you can find it in the fireworks stores. What we do have for you, are some pictures of fireworks. Below we’ve placed a couple of beautiful fireworks pictures. I can tell you, these flares and decorative pots, gave very loud bangs when they went into the sky. It was a great fireworks show 🙂

Beautiful firework Firework Beautiful fireworks Firework above sea