Blog – Eat or be eaten

This blog is about a game called This is a great online game you can play on your phone, tablet or desktop. It's all about surviving, eat other players and don't get eaten yourself. Within this game you're a cell and you can move...

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Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday, so enjoy this special day

When it's your birthday, you can't wait till your friends and family will come to visit you. And of course, you're looking forward to the presents they will bring for your birthday. The big question is what you will get from your friends and family?...

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Paper airplanes in the sky

How to make a paper airplane by yourself?

Kids love to play with airplanes, but don't know how to make a paper airplane. Some kids will get plactic toys or figures from the movie "Planes", some will make their own plane with LEGO or Playmobil and other have some transformer planes. But, all...

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How to draw

How to draw and what to draw by yourself

Sometimes it's hard to keep kids busy. Especially when you are in a fancy restaurant or just visiting your best friends. But, there are some things kids can kept busy with. For example you can use just a few papers and some pencils, crayons or...

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Memory or Memotri?

Memory is of course a game children grow up with. This funny game is a great way to train the brains of children because they have to try to remember what they've seen. Not just the image on te cards, but also the position of...

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Almost everyone love pets. In particular, children usually love pets like cats/kittens, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and so on. Very often you see that parents then easily adopt a pet, especially for their children. But, think carefully as you begin to pets, because it takes...

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Barbecue with kids

When the sun begins to shine and the temperature goes up, most men will get the barbecue out of the shed. But, it's sometimes a little bit difficult when you want to barbecue and there are kids around. And you know it, when you light...

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