Autumn is also called the fall season. In this season all trees will color in beautiful autumn colors and in no time the leaves will fall from these autumn trees. Fall season is also mostly the season when the flu season starts. This is because of the cold weather making its entrance. Usually this lasts until spring begins. Secretly the fall season means that the winter season is coming soon :).

A lot of people ask when the first day of autumn is. Well, this is different on every continental, but we’ll keep it on that fall begins on September 23rd.

Autumn characteristics

Some characteristics of this season especially for children are the gnomes and their houses. The gnomes and their houses can be found in for example the forests under an autumn leaf. These houses are of course the mushrooms, which exist in a lot of various types and sizes. If you don’t want to go to the forest, you can find some at:

People also associate the fall season with Halloween, which is the season of pumpkins, witches, monsters and trick or treat.

Besides the name as a season, some kids are also called/named after this season as it is a very special name for kids. For example there’s Autumn Miller, a very talented girl. She’s born in 2001 and comes from Orange, California and is a very great and famous dancer. She began dancing at the age of 5 and now is one of the most famous dancers on facebook, youtube, instagram and twitter.

Fall coloring sheets Fall coloring pages

In the coloring pages of the fall season above, you will find a lot of mushrooms and some animals preparing themselves for the next season. The season which will come after Autumn, is the winter season. With the links below you can find more fall season coloring pages or you can find yourself a great wallpaper from this fall season.

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Fall season coloring pages

Autumn Wallpapers
Autumn wallpaper