Spring coloring pages

Thinking of spring, you can think about little animals being born, butterflies, flowers, bees, chicks, farm animals which finally can go outside, little birds and more. Spring can also have two different faces….it can be rainy but it can also be very sunny.
You’ll find all these spring things and characteristics in the spring coloring pages below.

Most parents (mainly the mothers) will use the start of spring to clean their house, the so called “spring cleaning”. What you don’t want to do as a kid, is to get in your mothers way (believe me). That’s because you will surely need to help with the cleaning. Soooooo, print some spring coloring pages as fast as you can and get out of the way of your mother :). Coloring in some spring coloring pages is a lot better than cleaning the house.

Springtime begins at March 20, but of course you don’t have to wait with coloring in these spring coloring pages till this date. As soon as you feel like it or you can’t wait till spring begins, you may also start coloring in these sheets in autumn or winter.

Spring coloring pages

When it’s spring, this season can have two different faces. It can be rainy or it can be sunny as you can see in this spring coloring page. Of course everyone hopes for a sunny spring, but rain is also needed to let the plants and flowers grow. Hopefully rain will fall when we’re sleeping 🙂

Spring characteristics

  • As soon as spring begins, it’s mostly time for the farm animals to go outside. When it’s that time, the animals will be very happy as you can see in the first coloring page
  • If you go to a farm in spring, you can find animals like horses, cows, geese and pigs. In the second spring coloring page we have all of these animals together
  • Of course little lambs will be born in Spring. In the third sheet we have a little and very cute lamb which looks very happy.
  • When it’s spring, the bees will get to work and to collect pollen and make honey as you can see in the last spring coloring sheet

Sheep Farm animals A little lamb is born in spring Bee

This little duckling in the first coloring page below just came out of an egg and sees the sun shining on his little head.
In the mandala coloring page next to it, you’ll find some baby animals, mostly born in spring. In spring caterpillars will become butterflies which are in the third sheet. If you like butterflies, check out the butterfly section. Last but not least is a spring coloring page of two little birds in spring, sitting in a tree and totally in love.

Spring coloring pages Mandala Butterflies coloring page Little birds in spring