Halloween coloring pages

Below you’ll find some Halloween coloring pages to color in. Maybe it would be a nice idea when you go trick-or-treating, to take some colored in halloween coloring pages with you. When you get a treat like candy, you can give your coloring page to the homeowners as a thank you. When you’ll do that every year, maybe you’ll get more candy. In that case you have to print and color in a lot of Halloween coloring pages 🙂

Halloween is of course a little about witches and monsters. Below are some coloring pages of witches. When you’re more into monsters, we have some sheets from Monster High for you. Believe me, those monster coloring pages are great too.

Halloween coloring pages

Below you’ll find 4 great coloring pages with witches. Of course witches may not be missed with Halloween. They’ll make Halloween a little bit more scary.

Witch coloring page Witch at full moon Witch at night Witch coloring pages

2 kids are dressed up for Halloween in the first coloring page below. But, is the frog a real frog or is it an enchanted child?
Pumpkins are also a kind of symbol for Halloween as you can see in the second Halloween coloring sheet. It’s a scary pumpkin.

Halloween costumes Pumpkin

Halloween is about to scare people. The halloween coloring pages are a little bit about to scare people, like the witch, a huge spider, some ghosts (who are scared themselves 🙂 ) and Frankenstein.

A witch on a broom Halloween coloring pages Ghost coloring page Frankenstein coloring page

Here we have four Halloween coloring sheets with a baby monster, stacked pumpkins, a ghost and a witch wishing you a happy halloween and a real witch.

Baby monster Pumpkins Happy Halloween Happy witch

Also famous stars celebrate Halloween as you can see in the Halloween coloring pages below with Di-Da-Dora and Garfield.

Dora coloring page Garfield coloring page

Dora the Explorer and Garfield are not the only famous characters celebrating Halloween. Here we also have Halloween coloring pages from Winnie the Pooh and his friends Tigger and Piglet

Pooh with a mask Tigger coloring page Piglet at halloween

When you go to a Halloween party, you must be sure to have a great and cool Halloween costume. Here we have 2 Halloween coloring pages:

  • Halloween party
  • Great halloween comstume

Halloween party Great Halloween costume