The winter season is best known for its coldness, but when does winter start? Well, normaly this cold season starts at december 21st, but the coldness mostly starts much sooner. Most people don’t like this season because of its coldness and sometimes because of a winter storm, but there’re also people who can’t wait till the winter begins. Most of these people love ice and snow and can’t wait to go ice skating, skiing or snowboarding. And for kids who can’t ski or do some other winter sports, it’s very funny to do some winter games, like sledding or having some snowball fights. This season is also the time when Christmas is celebrated. With the Christmas days, people would like to see snow, whether they like it or not. This is all because of a white Christmas everybody is dreaming of.

Winter coloring pages & backgrounds

Below we’ve placed some coloring pages and links to pages with some more winter coloring pages and some winter backgrounds. Find yourself some great coloring pages or winter scenes when you can’t make a snowman outside because the snow hasn’t fallen yet. Or just to do some coloring or some crafting with the winter pictures or wallpapers when you don’t want to go into the snow 🙂

Snowy coloring page Winter Donald and Daisy Duck Olaf the most famous snowman

In the coloring pages above you can find some of a snowman, which can be made when snow has fallen. Of course you’ll need enough snow and you have to put on your gloves (or you’ll get very cold hands). But there’s also a snowman made with some kind of magic. This is Olaf, the most famous snowman from the great Disney movie Frozen. There’s also a coloring page of a scene in the snow and a sheet from Donald and Daisy Duck ice skating. Or is Donald swimming? When you like these coloring pages, you can download them for free to color them in how you like. You can find more coloring pages and some great snowy wallpapers with the links below.

More Coloring Pages
Winter coloring pages

Winter wallpaper