Autumn coloring pages

A very funny and great thing to do, is going to the forest. Especially when it’s the fall season, when all leaves are falling from the trees. And of course when you can find different mushrooms. When you don’t want to go to the forest for a nice forest walk with Autumn, you can always download some autumn coloring pages to color in. In this way you also can be busy with autumn. Especially when it’s raining on a wet day in this fall season.

Autumn coloring pages / Fall coloring pages

Gnomes is one of the characteristics with autumn. Above you’ll see a happy gnome family in a autumn coloring page. Of course they have to live somewhere, so there are also fall coloring pages with their houses, the mushrooms.

Family gnomes Mushrooms Autumn mushrooms Autumn coloring pages

Gnomes are always at work or busy with animals living in the forest as you can see in the autumn coloring pages below.

Working gnomes Gnomes with forest animals

Another characteristic of the autumn is that it can rain a lot. Most kids also like this, so they get their boots on and get outside. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet also like the rain, but only when they have an umbrella with them :). Rain is also good for nature, mushrooms also need some rain and wet ground to grow.

Mickey Mouse coloring page Pooh and Piglet in the rain Kids in the rain with autumn Fall coloring pages

Here we have 2 more coloring pages of the fall season with a gnome and gnome houses. I guess the gnome is searching for a house to stay, his butterfly friend seems to help him with his search.

Autumn coloring pages Mushroom coloring page

With autumn you can find a lot of animals in the forest. You can find for example hedgehogs and squirrels, but to see them you have to be very quit.
Maybe you’ll also find a little gnome :). If you can’t find them in the forest, you can find them in the autumn coloring pages below.

Little gnome coloring sheet Hedgehog coloring page Squirrel coloring page