Coloring in cars (from the movie Cars 1 and 2)

Kids love coloring in cars coloring pages, of course especially boys will loves these sheets. Boys are very fund of cars as they can stand for hours nearby a traffic roundabout, just to watch them driving by. All they can say is: “owww, that one is so cool”, “do you also like that red one” or “that one is the coolest I’ve ever seen”.

In the disney cars movies you’ll only find all kind of different cars, like (old) sport cars, fast race cars, luxury cars, vintage cars, etc. Before the animated movie, there was a Disney movie where I think it all started with a beetle with an attitude and driving by itself: Herbie. Herbie is also a car who could drive by itself and has an own identity and his own moods. Just like Lightning McQueen in the Cars movies from Disney. Only Herbie has no real eyes, but I think he was able to see everything with his headlights.

Cars coloring pages

Below we offer a lot of cars coloring pages from the animated movies. Of course we also have coloring pages from cars without eyes 🙂
If you’re more into these cars, just take a look at the coloring pages of cars.

The movies are about races between rivals, and when you want to win, you’ll need a great sports car.
Between the coloring pages below you’ll find the main characters in these races:

  • Lightning McQueen
  • Chick Hicks
  • Strip “The King” Weathers
  • Francesco Bernoulli

Lightning McQueen vs Chick Hicks Strip Weathers aka The King Francesco Bernoulli

Doc is kind of the boss in the village “Radiator Springs” where McQueen appears, when he got lost out of his trailer (pulled by the truck Mack).
It all starts rough, but finally Mater will become McQueen’s best friend.

Doc, the boss in Radiator Springs Cars coloring pages Cars coloring page of Mac

Well, is this Grem the Gremlin or Acer the Pacer. Anyway, they are both bad guys, but great cars :).
Ramone is a great Chevrolet Lowrider, owning his own Body Art shop where he paints cars, including himself.
Lizzie is a Ford T and the widow of Radiator Springs’ founder, Stanley. She’s seems old and sometimes a little bit senile.

Bad guy Ramone Lizzie

Guido owns a tires shop with his best friend Luigi. Luigi is shown in the coloring page next to Fillmore.
Fillmore is a great VW van, a real hippie covered with stickers of peace signs and flowers.

Guido Line up for the race Cars coloring pages

The biggest dream of Mater is to fly around in a helicopter. It seems this dream comes true with a little help from McQueen.

Mater flying around in a helicopter McQueen and Francesco Cars coloring pages

More cars coloring pages

In the second movie there is the appearance of Professor Zündapp, a real bad guy designing weapons. Because there will be races in Japan in part 2 of the movie, there are cars in Japanese costumes.

The Professor from Cars II Painful Cars 2 coloring pages

Three coloring pages from the first Cars movie with Lightning McQueen, Doc, Guido, The Sherif and Sally.

Doc and Lightning McQueen Guido and McQueen Cars coloring page

There’ll be also a little bit romance in the movies. In part 1 McQueen and Sally will fall in love with each other.
At the first movie, there will be helicopters flying around. In the second movie, there are planes flying around with spies on board.

Cars Sally and McQueen racing for fun Plane from Cars 2

As you can see, the first cars coloring sheet below is with Doc and Sally in a little quarrel about Lightning McQueen. In the second one, you’ll see Grem the Gremlin and Acer the Pacer, 2 bad guys in the second cars movie. When you like Tow Mater the most, the third sheet is something for you. This one is from just Tow Mater.

Sally vs Doc The bad guys McQueens best friend

A fun cars game Tow Mater and McQueen love, is to scare sleeping tractors. By making a lot of noise, they will wake them up and make them fall on their rear.

Scaring sleeping tractors The last race for the Piston Cup