Coloring pages of cars

Below you’ll find some nice coloring pages of cars. For lovers of connect the dots games, we have also added a couple of these funny games here. Of course when you make them dot to dot, a great car will appear. After you’ve made โ€‹โ€‹this, you can use it as a coloring sheet and color it in with your favorit colors.

We offer great coloring pages of cars, like sports, cool and classic cars. Kids mostly mistaken themself between a beetle and a 2cv (duck). Well, we offer both cars in one coloring page, so the difference between these two classic cars will be noticed. And of course a great Ferrari and a Porsche should not be missing between these coloring pages of cars.

Kids love watching cars, especially boys can be very enthousiastic about cars. Mostly is doesn’t matter what kind of car it is or what color it has, most cars are just great. Of course cool sports car with bright colors are favored by children, mostly also the fathers will like these cars ๐Ÿ™‚ In the coloring pages from cars we offer, are some sports cars to color in with your own favorit bright colors. Don’t forget the Ferrari looks best in red.

If you’re more into the Disney Cars (the movie with Lightning McQueen), we also have cars coloring pages, games, wallpapers and pictures of these great Cars movies from Disney.

Coloring pages from cars

We’ve placed a few cars against each other. Do you choose for an antique car of a sport car? We’ve placed them in one coloring page. We also show the difference between a Beetle and a 2cv (also called a duck or an ugly duck) in one coloring sheet. Most kids, but also elder people, confuse themselves with these 2 cars.

Antique car vs a sportscar VW Beetje vs a Citroen 2cv

Wowwwwww, what a great Camaro and a cool sport car with racing flames. I guess the Camaro can easily change into the transformer Bublebee and the sportcar is very fast on the track.

A very nice car this Camaro Coloring page of a car with racing flames

Below we have 4 more great cars coloring pages to download:

  • An old Chevy, these are always great cars to watch and to color in
  • A car which looks very fast, I guess it must be a fast car on the track
  • I think a Ferrari always must be red, but of course it’s your choice to color it in with your favorit colors
  • A big fat great Hummer, how cool is that

Coloring page of a chevy Very fast car Will you color this Ferrari in red Hummer

Another 4 great coloring pages of cars

  • Here we have a porsche and an old car in one coloring page. Which one will you choose?
  • Police car, do we need to say more…
  • A very fast racing car, I guess this one also appears in the fast & the furious
  • Another sportscar, this one looks like Kit from the Nightrider

Great cars from different times Police car coloring page Great race car Sportscar coloring page

Cars connect the dots games

For the fans of connect the dots games and cars, here we have 2 printable cars games for you. The first is one for the beginners of these games, the second one is a little bit more difficult (but not to hard). Connect the dots number by number and create your own car, which you can color in by yourself. Have fun with these cars dot to dot games.

Car connect the dots Dot to dot sport car