There are a lot of kids activities to keep your kids busy with all day long. Fun crafts for kids like making a carnival mask is also one of those activities. Of course these masks are not just for the carnival, you can use them every day of the year.

Create your own face mask for kids camp, Halloween, a costume party, a birthday or just for fun. We’ve placed a lot of different masks below you can print. When you’ve printed the mask on paper, you can color the paper mask in and turn them into a mask by cutting it out. Also cut out the eyes and maybe the mouth, place a elastic / rubber band and place the mask on your head. To make the mask a bit firmer, you can print it on harder paper or stick the mask on cardboard.

These face masks are for kids generally, so little girls and boys can have fun with these printable masks to play with all day long. Just choose the best face mask for yourself and maybe some other for your family or friends.

Choose your best mask

All the masks we have, are placed below. Just a short list from the mask we’ve for you:

  • Cat mask
  • Dog mask
  • Elephant mask
  • Indian face mask
  • Joker mask / clown mask
  • Pig mask

Sorry, we don’t have a scary mask for you. It’s still meant for the little ones :). Although, there’s a little bunny masks which could be a little bit scary.

Just click on a mask to download and print them for free. If you need it, you can read the download instructions if you don’t know how to download them.

Let kids play together and let them have lot’s of fun with these free masks.

How to make your own mask

  1. Choose a mask you like
  2. Download and print it
  3. If needed, paste it on hard paper
  4. Color it in with the best colors you have
  5. Take a scissors and cut out the things that need to be cut out at the dotted lines (for example the eyes, the mouth or the nose). If scissors don’t work, try to prick it out
  6. Cut or prick out the two small roundings
  7. Put an elastic, a rubber band or a little string through the roundings at the right and at the left
  8. Your mask is ready to put on your face and to play with

Printable masks

Donald Duck coloring mask  Crazy Donald Duck mask to cut out Pig mask for little kid  Pigglet coloring page turn into a mask  Cute bunnie  Rabbit  Crazy bunnie mask for little kids  Cut out the lion and make mask of it  Cool lion mask   Elephant mask for little children Elephant masks to play with  Color in the elephant and cut it out Animal mask Great mask of a pirate  Great girl mask    Happy Indian mask to color in  Cute dog mask  Carnival  Cool Clown Carnival mask  joker face mask

Grandpa mask  Cat mask for a little kid  Little hedgehog Animal mask