It’s your birthday, so enjoy this special day

Happy Birthday garlandWhen it’s your birthday, you can’t wait till your friends and family will come to visit you. And of course, you’re looking forward to the presents they will bring for your birthday. The big question is what you will get from your friends and family?

Opening a presentThe day before when you’re sleeping, your parents will quietly decorate the house with garlands, balloons and more celebration decorations. They know that when the house is decorated, the party can begin. But when will the first visitors arrive? You can’t wait till the doorbell rings. When the first guests finally have arrived, the first presents will be given to you. But what will it be? Something you’ve always been dreaming of or shall it be something else? But before the presents are handed over, you will first receive the birthday wishes for your birthday. Like “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations” or “Best wishes”. Maybe you will receive some birthday kisses too.

Happy BirthdayWhen all the visitors are on your party and all the presents are unpacked, you must not forget to thank the guests for the presents. That’s so neat to do. At the same time, when you’re lucky, someone in the kitchen is arranging the cake with candles. Hopefully they won’t burn themselves lighting up the candles. When everything is ready, it’s time for the guests to sing for you. And when the singing is over, you may blow out the candles and make sure everyone will get a piece of the pie.

What to do on your birthday party?

PresentWhen everyone is finished with eating their piece of cake, the elder people on your party will keep themselves busy with talking to each other. For the younger ones it’s time to go play or to do some games. What to think about a game of bingo, hide and seek or maybe when the weather is good, some sports outside. When it’s rainy and you don’t want to play some games, you can also print some coloring pages. When you also print some coloring pages for your guests, you can maybe arrange a competition. Of course with a price for the best colored in coloring page.

We’ve made a selection of some happy birthday coloring pages for you. There are coloring pages with the ages on it till the age of 10 years for boys and for girls. When you don’t like these coloring pages, maybe you can find some other in the coloring pages section.

Well, when it’s your birthday. So I would say “Happy Birthday” and enjoy this special day for you with all your friends and family.