Coloring games

Coloring games are very fun to do for little children and are a great way of keeping your children away from playing online games on the computer. And of course these coloring games are great things to do when it’s raining outside or when you have a birthday party.

Normaly when you want to color, you take some colors and start coloring in a coloring page. Well, with these special coloring pages you have to follow some `rules` before you just go coloring in the sheets. In games like this kids have to color in some pieces of the coloring page. They’ll get instructions which object and/or which colors to use to color in these coloring games.

For example you can color by number, where the coloring page has numbers and each number stands for a color in some coloring games. You can color by number online, but it seems to me coloring by number on real paper and with real pencils is much more fun. Next to the rules, these coloring games are of course great games for kids to learn the colors and to color in between the lines.

Click on the games below to get a larger version of this coloring game you can download and print. These coloring games we offer are for kids, so there’re a lot of coloring games for girls and coloring games for boys. But of course, parents can also do some coloring in with these great games 🙂

Find your favorite kids coloring games online from most of the topics on OnlyKidsOnly, print them and let your kids color in these coloring pages with the colors described at the coloring page. It’s time to start coloring by number. Find the right colors with the given numbers betweens your crayons or pencils and start coloring in these great coloring games. You’ll find the description of the coloring games beneath the thumbnails of the games.

If needed, you can use the download instructions and the games tutorial.

Coloring games

Coloring in a clown with balloons Dora the Explorer and Boots Backpack coloring game My little pony game

– The first game is about a circus clown. And kids love circuses and mostly also the clowns acting there. This clown has some balloons, can you color the balloons in the right colors?
– The second game is from Dora and Boots who are playing hide and seek. Can you see his foot steps and find Boots? When you’ve found him, color his boots with the color red. Who’s also hiding in this sheet?
– The third game above is also from Dora. All we need, we can find in Backpack! What can help us to be able to see in the dark? Color in that object in the color yellow.
– The fourth game is about a pony from “My little pony” which lost her colors. Can you figure out where which colors must be used to give her the right colors back? Match the numbers and have fun coloring in this pony.

Coloring game Boots loves playing with a colored ball Isa's flowers Do you see Swiper

The four coloring games above are all from the show Dora the Explorer, the description for these games are as follows:
– Which item can help us to cross over the river. Give it the color orange.
– Boots wants to play with his ball, but he can’t find it. Can you help him? When you’ve found the ball, color in all objects starting with the letter B.
– Isa loves flowers, find out which flower in her garden is the largest? Color in that flower with the color yellow.
– Swiper is hiding behind a bush. Do you see Swiper? Color in the bush where he’s hidden behind with the color red and shout 3 times “Swiper, DON’T SWIPE!”

More coloring games

Coloring in a Backyardigan with the right colors Coloring game with objects Coloring in a butterfly Backyardigan coloring games

Above we have 2 coloring games from the backyardigans, 1 with a butterfly and one from Dora. The instructions are as follows:
– Backyardigans have lots of colors, which colors do you need to color in this Backyardigan?
– Take a good look at the pictures shown and color in all objects starting with the letter T.
– Mostly you may choose your own best colors to color in a beautiful butterfly. To color in this butterfly, you must follow the guidelines given in the coloring page.
– Color in this backyardigan with the right colors, follow the numbers with color description.

Tweety coloring game Monsters Coloring in cars with Tico Color by number

The four coloring games above are all color games. You’ll find the instructions below and of course in the coloring game:
– Tweety needs his colors back. Most used color is yellow, but of course you need more colors to color in this coloring game of tweety.
– Monster inc. is a great cartoon with very nice monsters. Can you color them in with the right colors?
– Color in all cars in the right colors and find out what color Tico’s car has.
– Color in this tropical bird number by number. With the 9 given colors you’ll make a very beautiful coloring page with a beautiful tropical bird.