Connect the dots

Connect the dots games are very funny to play and a great activity for little kids. Kids need to connect the dots, dot to dot, in the right way to make the picture complete. When all dots are connected in these dot to dot games, it’s time to color in these self made coloring pages. Little kids will learn to get a steady hand with drawing in these games with connect the dots.

Click on the images below to go to the connect the dots worksheet you can download and print. We offer dot to dot games for kids, so these are for girls and boys. And of course, parents can also do some drawing with these great kids games 🙂

Another connecting the dots game is…… to make your own dot to dot puzzle :). It’s funny, very easy and possible in a few ways. For example you can search for a great coloring page you like. You can try to place some dots on a blanco paper and try to make it the same as the coloring page. Another way is to place the dots directly on the coloring page, it’s like you place some markers on it. Then you just have to put the picture below a new paper and copy the dots.
You can also make your fantasy drawing by placing some dots, number them en then find out what kind of drawing it becomes.

At the end, don’t forget to number the dots. You can make them as easy or difficult as you want. The more dots you’ll use, the harder they’ll become.
The most funny ones I think are those from which you can’t see beforehand what it will become.

Connect the dots games

Connect a funny car Connect a sportscar Connect the dots and see what happens

Here we have three connect the dots games. One from a normal car, one from a sportcar and one from the main character from the Disney movie Cars, named Lightning McQueen.

Connect the dots 002 Help Tico connecting his tail Connect the dots Map

The three games above are all from Dora the Explorer, the descriptions are as follows:
– Do you want to know who always joins Dora and Boots on their adventures? Connect the dots in the correct order and you’ll find out who…
– Where’s Tico’s tail? Connect the dots in the correct order and give Tico his tail back 🙂
– Connect the 10 dots number to number in the correct order to draw Map from Dora the Explorer. Without Map Dora and Boots will get lost.

Connect the dots and draw a butterfly Connect the dots spooky halloween ghost Connect the snowman dot to dot

– Connect the numbers from 1 to 24 and make yourself a beautiful butterfly. Don’t forget to color it in with some nice bright colors.
– Connect the dots number to number in the correct order to draw a spooky ghost specially for halloween.
– In winter it’s always fun making a snowman. Now you can make one by yourself dot to dot. Just connect the letters from the alphabet from A to Z.

Huge animal dot to dot games

Connecting a dinosaur Connect the dancing elephant

Connect the numbers to complete this very huge dinosaur and another huge animal where I see some little mice dancing around. Connect the dots and find out what kind of animal it is.

Connect the dinosaur Drawing a stegosaurus dot to dot Drawing a triceratops with connecting the dots

Here we have 3 great dot to dot games to print. You can download and print these 3 images and create some great Dinosaurs like a triceratops and a stegosaurus. If you don’t know what they look like, you must print them and create them dot to dot, number by number or letter by letter. Have lots of fun with creating these dinosaurs. If you like coloring pages of dinosaurs but don’t want to create them first with connecting dots, you can take a look at the Dinosaur coloring pages.

More Connect the dot games

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