Valentines Day coloring pages

Valentines Day is always on February the 14th. Tradition for the most romantic people all over the world with Valentines Day, is that you send an anonymous card with your love to someone you love or to someone you’re secretly in love with. And of course, you hope you’ll get a card back from the one you love or from the one you’re secretly in love with. For people who are in love with each other, but don’t know it from each other, Valentines Day is in most cases the day, they come together as a love couple. Let’s celebrate love and romance, Happy Valentines Day. We would like to set a new tradition: Color in and give Valentines Day coloring pages.

Valentines Day coloring pages

Maybe a funny thing to do, is that you won’t send a valentine card this year. Now, don’t be in shock :). Maybe this year you can choose one of the Valentine coloring pages to color in and send this one to the person you love in stead of a valentine card. It’s fun, it’s for free and I believe it’s something new. It will only costs you an envelope and a postage stamp.

Of course use a lot of red colors when you’re coloring in the valentines day coloring pages, as this is the color of love and romance.

We have a lot of Valentine coloring pages especially for children on Valentines Day. For example, we have Valentine coloring pages from Disney (with Pooh and friends, Mickey and Mini Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Cars and Tinkerbell), Nick Jr (with for example Dora and Boots) and some from other shows and cartoonish figures.

Click on the coloring pages below to see a larger image of the coloring page you can download. Have lots of fun with choosing and coloring in the best Valentine coloring page and hopefully the person you love, will become your Valentine forever.

This will be a very special Valentines day for Boots. He’s getting a Valentine card from Dora, his best friend. This means they will always be friends forever. But, will Dora get a card back? Or maybe Boots will give her a very big hug? Maybe we’ll see this in the other valentines day coloring pages below 🙂 Try to color in this sheet, or the sheet with the butterfly with wings of hearts, very neatly and give it to someone special on Valentines Day, just like Dora.

Valentine coloring pages 001 Valentine coloring pages 017

More Valentines Day coloring pages

Wow! I wish it was possible to sit on the moon like this. These two very famous mouses are really in love with eachother. Of course these mouses are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. They are sitting on the moon, totally in love watching the stars and hearts in the sky. Feel the romance 🙂
In the other coloring pages we have Minnie writing a valentine card to Mickey Mouse, I guess one with “Be my valentine” on it and Mickey who has received this valentine card from Minnie and surprises her with a very big bouquet of flowers.

Valentine coloring pages 002 Valentine coloring pages 011 Valentine coloring pages 007 Valentine coloring pages 015

Here we have two nice coloring pages from Disney’s Tinkerbell who’s blowing hearts and showing herself in a big heart. It must be Valentines Day!
It sure is, as you also can see in the coloring sheet with the main characters from the movie Antz who are in love with each other. They are showing themselves through a leave, where they’ve cut out a heart.

Valentine coloring pages 014 Valentine coloring pages 008 Valentine coloring pages 016

Below we have valentine coloring pages of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Pooh is holding a pillow in the shape of a heart and Piglet is holding a balloon in the shape of a heart, so Happy Valentine’s Day!. On the other sheets we have a Bear coloring page of a cute teddybear holding a big valentine heart and a very beautiful valentine coloring page of a heart consisting made of little hearts. Why don’t you try to give each heart a different color :). Color in these coloring pages and try to stay neatly between the lines. And maybe you can color the hearts in red, a true color of romance and love.

Valentine coloring pages 003 Valentine coloring pages 010 Valentine coloring pages 012 Valentine coloring pages 013

Extra Valentines Day coloring pages

These coloring pages may not be missed among the valentine coloring pages. The hello kitty coloring page is just of Kitty, surrounded by hearts and some flowers. And is that Elmo? Yes, it’s really him, Elmo from Sesame Street! Elmo is holding a very big heart saying “Happy Valentines Day”. There’re not a lot of valentine coloring pages of Cars. But, there’s absolutely love between Lightning McQueen and Sally. Love is in the air….And the last one is the most romantic coloring page ever. Donald and Daisy together in a boat. Donald is singing a serenade for Daisy and Daisy is paddling 🙂

Valentine coloring pages 004 Valentine coloring pages 005 Valentine coloring pages 006 Valentine coloring pages 009

The first valentine coloring page was from Boots getting a valentine card from Dora The Explorer. Well, here we see the reaction of Boots. Dora and Boots give each other a very big hug and are surrounded by a lot of hearts. Print these valentines day coloring pages and color them in as neatly as you can. Enjoy 🙂

Valentine coloring pages 018 Valentine coloring pages 019