Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby is a Nickjr show about 2 cute little bunnies. As the name of the show implies, they’re called Max & Ruby. Max is 3 years old and Ruby is his big sister who’s 7 years old. The show is mostly about Max and Ruby playing together, showing their differences and how to resolve them. Some kids at home can’t play with respect for each other, this kind of respect is something what comes back in this show.

Max is a little boy who loves dirt and mostly loves playing with dirty things. He’s a clever boy, knows what he wants and makes sure he gets it.
Ruby loves her brother and likes to learn him how to do things. But, as clever Max is, he mostly finds it out himself. Mostly Max is misunderstood with the words he says and repeats during the show, but at the end of the show, everyone knows what he meant.

Friends of Max and Ruby

Ruby has a lot of friends, these are:

  • Louise: She’s the best friend and classmate of Ruby, loves fun, dress-up games, birthday and beach parties. She always helps out Ruby with her ideas. Louise has a cousin Morris, who is friends with Max.
  • Martha: A funny bunny with eyelashes, which all the other girls doesn’t have. She loves to go the Bunny Scout club with her friends and loves playing with them.
  • Valerie: She’s the shortest of all girl fiends, loves dancing. Martha and Ruby are on ballet dance school together.

All the girls are members of the Bunny Scouts. A scouting team where they for example can earn badges.

Other characters

There are also some other characters in the show, like the grandma of Max & Ruby, Morris (as said the best friend of Max and cousin of Louise), the families Piazza and Huffington, Candi and Rosalinda.

  • Grandma: Max and Ruby’s grandmother is a funny old gray lady, just like how a grandma should be. She lives next door and knows what her grandchildren like to be entertained.
  • The Piazza family: A family consisting of a father, who’s working at the market, and his son Roger who’s 7 years old. Roger loves sports and cars.
  • The Huffingtons family: A family consisting of a father, a mother and a little baby
  • Candi: What a great name for an owner of a candy shop :). Ruby used to work in Candi’s store and sometimes makes a visit.
  • Rosalinda: Friend of grandmother who owns a gift shop. This gift shop is next to the Candy shop.

So far a little about this show and its characters. For now, you’ll have to do it with this great show on Nick Jr or you can enjoy yourself with downloading some funny Max and Ruby coloring pages or do some great crafting with the pictures of them you can find on the internet. You can keep most children busy all day with Max and Ruby items on for example a kids party. It’s very funny to use coloring pages or pictures as Max and Ruby party supplies on your kid’s birthday. So start searching or tune in on your favorite channel and watch the great episodes of Max & Ruby.