Copy an image

Copying an image can be done in a few ways. You can copy an image directly, just like a copy machine. This way you have to put a blanco paper on the image and hopefully it will shine through. This way you can trace the image on your own paper. When the image doens’t shine through, you can try using less thick paper or you can try to darken the lines of the original image.

Another way to copy an image, is to lay the image next to a blanco paper and just try to copy it yourself by looking very good to the image. And of course try to trace the lines on your own paper. You can also combine these 2 ways. First try to trace it by your own. When it fails, you just put the picture below the blanco paper to get a bit further copying the image.

When you’ve made a copy of the image, you can make it your own image by adding something extra or give your drawing other colors then the original.

Of course you can let your parents copy an image in photoshop and paste it into another image for you to print it. Or they can just place an image under a copy machine for you. But believe me, it’s so much more fun to get your pencils and paper and make a nice copy drawing by yourself. This is also a great way of learning how to draw. When you practice it a lot, eventually you no longer need the original picture to draw, because you can draw great pictures by yourself.

When you want to copy an image, you can find pictures everywhere. For the convenience we´ve placed some easy drawings for kids below you can try to copy yourself. When it doesn´t work to copy an image from the computer screen, just print it and lay it beside or under your blanco paper. We begin with some simple images from for example a robot, a locomotive or an elephant and of course some more difficult like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

The easiest thing you can do is to start with tracing the outer lines, then the inner lines and details. Then you can color it in with the same or perhaps other colors, and voila, the picture is copied 🙂

Copying robots, cars, helicopters or little gnome houses
These images are just fine to make a copy of. They’re not to hard and great pictures to start with when you want to learn to draw by copying images. Maybe you can not only try to copy them, maybe you can make all 4 images on one paper. So make them a little smaller then on your screen or on your print. Good luck with copying a robot, a mushroom, a locomotive and a helicopter. Of course you don’t have to use the same colors when you will color them, you’re free to choose your own colors 🙂

Create your own robot Draw a house for a gnome Try to draw the first part of a train Draw a helicopter

Make a copy of Donald & Daisy Duck and Mickey & Minnie Mouse
These images of Donald, Mickey, Daisy and Mini are very nice to copy, because the lines used for these images, are very clear and bold. So easy to make a copy of it.

Try to copy Donald Duck Try to copy Donald's girlfriend, Daisy. Try to make a copy of Mickey Minnie Mouse

Try copy an image of (cartoonish) animals

When you’ve copied Mickey and Mini Mouse, you also must copy the dog Pluto. Of course he’s part of this “mouse” family. It’s also fun to draw other animals, so we’ve placed an image from an elephant. Try to copy the thick lines first. Once you have them, it’s easy to finish it.

Copy Pluto, the faithful dog of Mickey Mouse Try to draw an elephant by copying one.

Little pet shop pets are little, funny and easy to draw or to copy. Follow the outer lines, make the details and create your own little pet shop pets.

Try to make a copy of these little pets from little pet shop Try to copy these images from little pet shop