Winter coloring pages

When it’s a very cold winter outside, kids can do two things. They can go outside to enjoy the cold weather and the snow or they can stay inside to color in some winter coloring pages.

When you go outside to enjoy the coldness, you can do this by:

  • Making some snowmen
  • Doing some winter games
  • Throwing snowballs in a snowballfight
  • Doing some winter sports like ice skating

When you choose for the second option, because you don’t like to get into the coldness, you can download some winter coloring pages below and color them in while you are in a nice warm house πŸ™‚

Whatever you choose to do, have lots of fun doing it.

Winter coloring pages

Below you’ll find four great winter coloring pages. All of them contains a snowman. Well, in the last coloring page, there is a child trying to make a snowman. That’s hard, because other are having a snowball fight. So this kid needs to be very careful πŸ™‚

Snowman in winter Little Ducks making a snowman Winter coloring pages Winter games

Daisy Duck loves skating, both on the road and on the ice. But sometimes she’s quite dangerous on the ice. If the ice is too thin, she just keeps skating and she ignores the warning. That can end in disaster, so if the ice is too thin, do not go on the ice!
You can always skate on the road, as long as you look out for the traffic.

Donald needs to call Daisy to tell her that she must be careful because of the thin ice. But he can’t get into the phonebooth, because this one is occupied by a snowman. Luckily Daisy is already warned for the thin ice because it’s contained there on the ice. So it’s all good, except that the booth remains occupied πŸ™‚

Donald Duck coloring page Thin ice

These last two winter coloring pages contains a snowman en some owls in the snow. The snowman is not just a snowman, it’s the very funny snowman Olaf from the Disney movie “Frozen”. I guess he’s very famous now.

Frozen Owls in the snow