The continent South America

The continent South AmericaThe continent South America lies between the Big Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It also lies between two other continents. South America lies southern of the continent North America and northern of the continent Antarctica.

South America facts

Almost the whole westcoast of this continent consists of a group of mountains, called the Andes. The length is 7000 km and goes through seven countries in South America. These countries are Argentina, Bolivia, Chili, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Within this huge continent Indians used to be the only inhabitants. Nowadays there are a lot of countries with a lot of different people. Which brings a lot of spoken languages. Indians are still living in Southern America, but not as more as there were in the past. This southern continent also has the biggest rainforest of the world, called the Amazone. The Amazone also goes through 9 countries. These countries are: Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.
The most spoken languages in this continent are Portugese, Spanish and French. All the countries where these languages are spoken, are part of Latin America. These are all the countries of South America, except Guyana and Suriname. There’re also other countries from the continent North America which belongs to Latin America.

South America countries

We’ll describe the countries of this continent below.

  • Argentina – huge country in the south of this continent with the capitol Buenos Aires
  • Bolivia – twice as big as France and totally surrounded by Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Paraguay and Peru
  • Brazil – the biggest country of South America (this continent consists for about 50% of Brazil). Brasil is known for its subtropical climate, the Amazone rainforest and of course it’s the land where carnaval is celebrated grandly
  • Chile – an elongated country located between the Big Ocean and the Andes. Because of its length there are a lot of different climates in this country
  • Colombia – lies at the Caribian Sea and consists for more than the half of the Amazon area
  • Ecuador – consists of the regions La Costa, La Sierra, La Amazonia and La Región Insular (with the beautiful Galápagos Islands)
  • Falkland Islands – a group of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean
  • French Guiana – lies between Suriname and Brazil
  • Guyana – after Uruguay and Suriname the smallest country on this continent which lies at the Atlantich Ocean
  • Paraguay – country centered in South America between Brazil and Argentina
  • Peru – a beautiful country with a lot of protected nature areas and beautiful flora and fauna
  • Suriname – the smallest country of the continent where most people speak Dutch
  • Uruguay – a little bigger than Suriname and lies between Brazil and Argentina
  • Venezuela – a tropical country with the highest waterfall in the whole world

South America coloring pages and maps

When you have to learn about the countries in South America, you can use a learning map. Below you’ll find some of these printable maps to help you get an A for geography. Learn the South American countries with help from a South America map. We’ve also placed some coloring pages for you, just because there also must be some relaxing time :). And because this huge continent consists for a large part of rainforest, we’ve also placed some rainforest coloring pages for you.

The continent South America Continent map Southern America learning map

South America learning tool Continent map in color Rainforest coloring page

South America coloring pages Southern America coloring page jungle coloring page