The continent Oceania, the smallest of all

The continent OceaniaOf all the continents in the world, Oceania is the smallest one. When people think of or hear about the continent Oceania, they mostly think it’s about Australia and New Zealand. But, it’s much more than just these 2 countries. There are much more beautiful countries in this continent. All these countries are islands in all kind of different sizes in the Big Ocean.

Countries in Oceania

  • Australia, known as the land of the kangaroos and koalas and kind of means “the southern land”
  • Fiji, which consists of more than 300 island with a lot of them uninhabited and loved because of the coral reefs
  • Kiribati, the lowest island and will be the first to disappear because of the global warming
  • Marshall Islands, which is named after John Marshall, a British explorer who discovered these islands
  • Micronesia, with a tropical climate with summer temperatures all year long. But in the summer season it can rain a lot
  • Nauru,the smallest island in the world and the smallest countrie of this continent
  • New Zealand, which is of course known from the “haka” performed by the New Zealand rugby team
  • Palau, which consists of more than 340 islands, but most of them are uninhabited
  • Papua New Guinea, a mountainous country with a lot of languages (over 800) and big chances of earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Salomon Islands, in the past affected by various natural disasters
  • Samoa, where rugby is the national sport and being played at a high level
  • Tonga, a small country and just like Samoa the national sport here is rugby
  • Tuvalu, which is also threatened by global warming, just like Kiribati
  • Vanuatu, mostly mountainous with a lot of active volcanoes both under water and above the ground

Coloring pages and learning tools

A learning map can be handy when you need to learn about the continent Oceania, So below you’ll find some maps / learning tools to print when you have to learn about Oceania. We have also placed some coloring pages from this great continent with beautiful islands. And of course a coloring page of an Australian kangaroo cannot be missed 🙂

World map of Oceania Oceania map Map of Oceania

The southeast of the earth Oceania coloring pages Oceania coloring page Australia coloring page Kangaroo coloring pages