The continent North America

The continent North AmericaNorth America is the continent which lies above the continent South America. This continent is, next to Asia and Africa, the biggest continent of the world. North America is surrounded by different seas, like the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. You would think the mainland of North America consists of the countries USA and Canada, but there are a lot more countries which are part of this huge continent.

North American countries list

You can devide this continent in the following pieces/regions:

  • Canada – which lies in the northern part of this mainland, just above the United States
  • Caribbean Islands – with the Bahamas and all the islands in the Caribbean Seam which belongs to the Antilles, like Cuba and Jamaica
  • Central America – with the countries Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama
  • Greenland – Island which lies east of Canada and belongs to the European country Denmark
  • Mexico – which lies in the southern part of the continent, beneath the United States
  • USA – last but not least the USA, or in other words the United States of America

In the near future we’ll describe all these countries and islands. These descriptions will be assisted by all kind of coloring pages, pictures and/or learning tools from these countries. The links to these pages will be included in the above list. For now, you’ll have to do it with the coloring pages and maps we offer from this continent. You’ll find them below.

North America coloring pages and maps

In the North America maps below you’ll see all the countries/regions we mentioned above. We also have some coloring pages of North America. The maps (and the coloring pages) can be used as learning maps when you have to learn about this continent and its countries. There’s one coloring page from which you can make your own map. You can do this by coloring in the four biggest countries of this continent, each with it’s own color. Which colors will you give to Canada, Greenland, Mexico and of course the United States of America?

North America coloring page Coloring page of North America

North America coloring pages North America learning tool

North America regions map North America map

North America