The continent Antarctica

The continent AntarcticaAntarctica is the continent around the southpole of the earth. The name comes from ant-arktikos, which means “the opposite of the north”. This mainland is uninhabited, the only people living in Antarctica, are the Antarctic explorers. And of course there are some tourists who come for a great expedition. The scientists are investigating the ice, the climate, the glaciers, the ozone layer and the many Antarctic animals who live there. The animals live at the coasts of Antarctica, these are for example whales, Antarctic penguins, robbing and seals. This is pretty much the Antarctica population you’ll find there.

You will not find polar bears there, these great animals live on the North Pole. Speaking of the North Pole; the biggest difference between the North Pole and the South Pole, is that the South Pole is on land and the Northpole is in the water. The main similarity is that it’s very cold on both Poles.

This very cold continent, which is bigger than the continents Europe and Oceania, is surrounded bij a lot of oceans like the Indian Ocean, the great Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Al these oceans together are called the Southern Ocean. Antarctica itself is almost completely covered with ice because it is the coldest place on Earth

Some Antarctica facts

  • Snow Hill Island is one of the places in Antarctica where scientists from all over the world come together to study the ice-cold environment
  • The Antarctic Peninsula was the first place on this continent ever visited by people. These early visitors didn’t came for the land or the nature, they came for the seal hunt
  • The South Pole is the southernmost point on Earth
  • On the coast at Adélie stands the most wind, so this is the most windy place on Earth

Visit Antarctica

When you’re planning to make a trip to Antarctica, make sure you make an Antarctica cruise. This is the best method of making an excursion of the Antarctic. When you make such a trip by boat, you’ll get to see Antarctica’s great nature and wildlife. Don’t forget to bring some warm clothing like boots, hoods and gloves. Also take your sunglasses, as you can be blinded by the sun shining on the ice.

Coloring pages and some Antarctica pictures

Below you’ll find some Antarctica coloring pages to color in and some pictures with for example an Antarctica map.

Antarctic world Map of Antartica

The south of the earth Antarctica coloring pages Iceberg coloring page Whale coloring page Antarctica coloring page Albatross Antarctic coloring pages