Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi is an educational television show from Nickelodeon, played on Nick Jr, which is about some superheroes. These are not heroes like Superman, Spiderman or the X-men, but the mini superheroes Milli, Geo and Bot. They have the size of a ball, are living in Umi City and driving around in their orange Umi Car to find out where their help is needed. Let’s find out who these superheroes are, that team up this team Umizoomi.


Milli is a six year old girl with patterns and measuring skills. She’s always wearing a dress with patterns, this dress can change during the shows in any pattern she wants. These patterns can be needed to complete some questions in the show. This can be done with singing “Pattern Power”, the child watching the show must of course sing along and help completing a pattern by choosing the missing element in a pattern 🙂


Geo is Milli’s brother, who’s always zooming on his Super Skates. Just like Milli, he has some special skills related to geometric shapes. With singing “Super Shapes” he can create anything he wants with his belt, which can be needed when team Umizoomi gets stuck somewhere in Umi City. Of course they’ll need the help of the child watching the show with building the thing needed.


Bot is a very friendly Robot who, like many other robots and children, likes singing and dancing. This Ro-Bot is Milli’s and Geo’s Best Robot Friend and has the great gift to extend his arms and legs (wouldn’t it be nice people also could have this gift :)). This can be very useful during the tasks or quests which must be completed. The only thing need to be said to extend his arm or legs is “Arms Extendo” or “Legs Extendo”. Bot is also the one who receives the calls for help, the so called Umi Alarm. Along with this alarm he can receive pictures or videos, from the one in need (mostly a real child), on his Belly.


The child watching the show, completes the team. This child is called the Umifriend of the mini heroes. It’s great to see there’s a lot of interaction between the Umizoomis and the child. In every show there are a lot of things to do for kids during this show. With simple things, kids will learn to count, to compare, find out different shapes and patterns with different colors, etc.

So far a little about this show. For now, you’ll have to do it with the shows on nickelodeon or nick jr or you can enjoy yourself with downloading and coloring in some funny Team Umizoomi coloring pages or do some crafting with Umizoomi pictures you can find on the internet or on stores. If you tune in on Nick Jr to see this show and it isn’t playing, you can of course find a lot team Umizoomi episodes and videos on youtube.