Summer coloring pages

When you think of summer, you think of a lot of things. You can think about the sun with hot weather and lying on the beach. Or swimming and playing in the ocean and jumping in the waves. Or just playing outside with waterballoons og going to a swimmingpool with your friends. And of course you must not forget icecreams. Eating a lot of icecreams. Things you won’t think about, is playing inside with that hot weather. And certainly you will not think about coloring in some summer coloring pages.

But, in summer the weather can also turn into rain of maybe worse, a tropical storm. So that’s when you have to stay inside. And then we can think of coloring pages again :).

That’s why we offer you some great summer coloring pages to color in with for example the Summer holiday. As said, when it’s hot outside, you won’t stay inside. You can also take the printed coloring pages outside to color in. Of course it can also rain in the summer season, then you’ll have to stay inside :).

We have coloring pages with the beach, the sea, icecreams, waterfun and of course from the sun. Have lots of fun with them. And when you’re ready with coloring in these sheets, you can also do some things like this

  • Go to the beach to play in the sand or just to enjoy the sun.
  • When you go to the beach, let’s go into the sea. Just with your feet or maybe to swim in it.
  • Of course with the hot weather, you must eat some (or maybe a lot of) delicious icecreams.
  • Go to a swimming pool for some waterfun if you don’t like the sea and sand, but you love swimming. Choose a piscine with great slides and diving boards.

Summer coloring pages

Summer slide Floating on a boat Beach coloring page

Cheers Sun or rain Palmtree with a treasure

Melting icecream Water fun Fun at the beach

Summer coloring pages Dora in summer Surfing

Sunny sun Summer coloring pages Sunny sunflowers