Spring is the season everyone is waiting for during the winter. With springtime, the weather will become better than in winter as a foretaste of the summer coming soon :). The sun will shine, new leaves and bulbs begin to bloom and caterpillars will become butterflies. Birds will make nests and people will plant seeds. This is to get for example beautiful flowers and vegetables. And last but not least, a lot of baby animals will be born in Spring. You can think about little lambs, chicks, piglets, calves and foals. This is a great moment for kids to go to a farm to see all these baby animals. Springtime is also the time of the year the Easter Bunny makes its appearance with Easter.

Most people ask themselves “when is the first day of spring?”. Well, that must be March, 20. Hopefully the warm weather will make its entrance a little bit sooner than springtime begins, because winter always takes too long 🙂 The sooner the sunny and warm weather starts, the better, don’t you think?

Most mothers will start the spring cleaning in this season. That’s the time for kids to get out of the way and don’t disturb their mother, because she’s all over the place. For that we have invented something. As a mother is busy with the cleaning and chasing dad to help her, the children can use the spring coloring pages we offer. With these coloring pages kids will be still and they won’t get in the way of their mother. And if you can choose between helping your mother with cleaning and color in some coloring sheets, I guess your choice is made very quickly :). Below you can find some coloring pages and a link to more coloring pages.

Spring coloring pages

Spring Springtime

Spring coloring pages
More Spring coloring pages