There are four different seasons and each season has its own characterize. Below we have described all seasons and posted some coloring pages and wallpapers of them. For more wallpapers and coloring pages per season, we’ve placed links to new pages with a lot more material to enjoy.

The seasons we’ll describe are related to the weather, namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Of course there are more seasons, but these are not related to the weather. For example there’s a football season, basketball season, etcetera. We won’t desribe these here, only the weather seasons.

Spring is the season everyone is waiting for during the winter. In springtime, the weather will become better than in winter as a foretaste of the summer season coming very soon :). The sun will shine and it will become warmer. Bulbs begin to bloom, caterpillars will become butterflies, birds will make nests and a lot of baby animals will be born. So it’s a great season to go to the farm to see the little animals. Spring is also the time of the year the Easter Bunny makes its appearance with Easter.

The summer season is best known for its hot or very hot weather. Most people will have their yearly holiday in Summer, just because of the weather being great. Of course it’s possible it can rain in the summer, but mostly the weather is good enough for going on a vacation or do some great outdoor acivities with the family. Most schools are also closed for a while in summer, the so called and very needed Summer Holiday. Be sure you won’t get burned in the sun, so you must nust forget the sunburn!

Autumn is also called the fall season. In this season all trees will color in beautiful autumn colors and in no time the leaves will fall from these trees. Autumn is also mostly the season when the flu season starts. This because of the cold weather making its entrance and usually lasts until spring begins. Some characteristics of autumn specialy for kids are gnomes and their houses they can find in for example the forests. These houses are of course the mushrooms, which can be found in a lot of various types of sizes.

The winter season is best known for its coldness. Most people don’t like winter, but there’re also people who can’t wait till the Winter begins. Most of these people love ice and snow and can’t wait to go ice skating, skiing or snowboarding. And for kids who can’t ski or do some other wintersports, it’s very funny to do some sledding or having some snowball fights. Winter is also the time when Christmas is celebrated. With the Christmas days, people would like to see snow, whether they like it or not. This is all because of a white Christmas everybody is dreaming of.

Coloring pages and wallpapers from the seasons

As you can see, each season has its own good and bad qualities. Here it doesn’t matter which season you like the best. For almost every season we have some great coloring pages you can download for free. The rest of the seasons will follow soon.
We also have some great wallpapers from some seasons, these are made by ourselfs.

Winter coloring pages

Winter coloring

Autumn coloring pages

Autumn coloring

Spring coloring pages

Spring coloring

Winter wallpaper

Winter wallpapers

Autumn wallpaper

Autumn wallpapers