Scrooge McDuck

Donald Duck has a very rich uncle, called Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge is mostly a grumpy man, but happy as a little child with his gold and his money.
He even has a very large safe where he saves all of his money and gold, and he has a lot of it. This safe also serves as a pool for Scrooge, he likes to dive and to swim in it. Literally and figuratively, he is swimming in money :). But, there are always thieves (the tough guys) who are out to steal his money. There are also other nasty guys/girls who are out to steal his happiness dime. This is because this dime could be the reason of his wealth, because it brings happiness. And this happiness means a lot of gold and money for Scrooge McDuck.

Characteristic of McDuck

  • He can smell gold which is nearby
  • When he thinks he can make a profit out of something, his eyes will become dollar signs
  • He’s a real scrooge
  • He loves swimming in his own money, which is in a great safe in Ducktown. He lives in the house where the safe is build in

Scrooge gets in trouble a lot of times, because the tough guys are after his gold. But there’re always Donald Duck and his three little nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie to help him out. When something goes wrong, Donald Duck is the one who gets the blame of it. Even if it’s Scrooge McDuck’s own mistake.

You can find Scrooge McDuck in comic books and cartoons of Donald Duck. Sometimes he’s also present in the Ducktales series. On onlykidsonly you can find him in some coloring pages we offer.

Scrooge McDuck coloring pages

Below we offer you some Scrooge McDuck coloring pages. Have lots of fun with coloring them in.

Scrooge McDuck coloring page Mad Scrooge McDuck Scrooge is sad Building blocks with gold

Scrooge McDuck coloring pages Scrooge coloring sheets Scrooge McDuck going to his safe Scrooge

Scrooge found some oil wells Scrooge McDuck coloring page Scrooge