Puzzle games

Puzzle games are specially made for little kids. These puzzle games for kids are very funny to play. They look easy, but are good enough for little kids. And of course, a little brain training won’t do no damage trying to complete these puzzle games 🙂

Kids love to puzzle. With real puzzles, they start with for example 4 pieces to complete the puzzle, then like 8 pieces. The older they get, the bigger the puzzle will get with more and more puzzle pieces. In the end they will puzzles with 2000, 5000 of maybe 10000 pieces. But, at that time they’ll be mature 🙂

Online you’ll find different kind of puzzle games. With these games you will be asked to find a missing piece of an image, find a correct image out of a few which are shown and more of these kind of games.

Click on the images below to get a larger version of these great games to puzzle you can download and print. Have lot’s of fun with these free printable puzzle games.

Puzzle games

In these two puzzles you must find the image which is shown once in the picture. When you’ve found it, just encircle it. All the funny images shown, are from the great Disney movie Tinkerbell.

Find the right picture Puzzle with Tinkerbell

Here we have 2 nice puzzles from the Cars movie. In the first puzzle you must find the missing piece. In the second one, you have to print the puzzle, cut it out and try making Ramone. Of course you can print out both puzzles to play them. When you’ve made them, you can also color them in.

Find the missing piece Print and make a cars puzzle

Can you find and encircle the correct shade in these two puzzle games? The last one is the shade of Isa, who’s a friend of Dora and Boots in the show Dora the Explorer? Maybe you can also figure out from who all the other shades are on these sheets?

Puzzle games 001 Puzzle games 002