Disney movie Planes 1 & 2

Besides the coloring pages from the Cars movies with Lightning McQueen, there’re also airplanes with eyes and mouths :). And of course we also have Planes coloring pages from them. These are also movies made by Disney and are called, how could it be otherwise, “Planes”. There’re now 2 parts of this movie made, knowing:

  • Planes
  • Planes Fire & Rescue

In both movies the main character is Dusty Crophopper, a simple plane who’s a farmer. In daily life he sprays the crops, but often dreams about being a race plane.

Planes (2013)

In the first movie you’ll meet Dusty. In his heart, he’s a racer with technical difficulties which are holding him away from racing. He also has fear of heights, something you don’t want when you’re a airplane. But, he’s a fighter and in the end he will make it to a race around the world. This is a race with all the best planes in the world.
In the races which will follow, he’ll make a lot of new friends and of course also a sort of enemy. A racer called Ripslinger is the best racer and thinks that Dusty does not belong among the racers. The main message in this movie is of course that friends are more important than winning a race. More than this we won’t give away, therefore you’ll have to see this great movie.

Planes Fire & Rescue

In the second Disney planes movie (Planes Fire and Rescue) Dusty wants to become a fire fighter. This is because he can’t race anymore due to motor failures. In part 2 of this movie, he’ll also make a lot of new friends. He will experience a lot of new adventures and end up in jeopardy in this exciting sequel to the first part. Some of the planes 2 characters are of course Dusty, Blade Ranger and Maru.

Paper planes

Below we offer a lot of Planes coloring pages from the first and the second planes movie. When you’re not really into talking airplanes, you can also try making your own airplanes from paper. Here is how you can make these paper planes:

Planes Coloring Pages

Dusty coloring pages Planes coloring page Dusty and Ripslinger Dusty

Skipper Planes coloring sheet Planes coloring pages Dusty Crophopper

El Chupacabra planes sheet

Planes 2 Coloring Pages

Dusty coloring page Dynamite Planes Fire and Rescue Blade Ranger

Planes 2 coloring pages Planes 2 coloring page Cabbie Dusty Crophopper in Planes Fire & Rescue

Blackout Coloring pages Planes 2 coloring sheet Dusty in Planes 2

Dipper Windlifter Planes 2