Paper airplanes which will fly very far

Almost every kid likes to watch airplanes in the sky or at the airport. From these planes, the fighter jets are always the best ones. It’s too bad you can only watch them in the sky or at the ground. Some kids are lucky they’ll go on a holiday with a plane. And it’s reserved for a few children to fly these great iron birds themselves when they’re grown up. For now, they’ll have to do it with some paper airplanes (or some toys) and keep on dreaming to fly all over the world in a real jet for the air force or an airline.

Most kids and parents know just one or two ways to make an easy paper airplane. And mostly after being used one or two times, they won’t fly any more. There are more than two ways to make a paper airplane. If you want to steel the show inside, outside or at school, you can make a lot of paper jets which will fly far.

How to make paper airplanes?

Well, we’ll tell you how to make a good paper airplane. Just pick a great plane design below and follow the steps which you’ll see in the picture which will open. Step by step you can fold it together into a great paper airplane. You won’t need your parents anymore to make a paper airplane, all you need is some paper and these paper airplane instructions. And I guess with the types below, you’ll make better paper planes than your parents. So don’t let them see these examples :). Unless you still need a little help from them to help you learn to make the best paper airplanes step by step.

Now, just take a A4 paper (8.3 x 11.7 inches) and fold them at the fold lines. If you like, you can use a colored paper or maybe you can color it in yourself (before or after you’ve folded your paper airplane). This way your airplanes are much more than just some simple paper airplane designs. You’ll get the best paper airplane ever :). Just try it out and make your own paper jet or jets.

Paper airplanes 002Paper airplanes 004Paper airplanes 001  Paper airplanes 003  Paper airplanes 005