Olivia is a television show about a little girl piglet, named “Olivia”. Like the most shows on Nick Jr, this show also contains a lot of fantasy and imaginary moments. That’s why little children like these shows so much, because they also often live and play in their own fantasy world. Like, I’m a fairy, I’m a great singer or I’m Superman. Well, that all can happen in this popular show.

This show is specially made for preschoolers. It’s about reality, fantasy, adventures, learning, trying out some good ideas, persistence, etcetera. So if you’re a pre-schooler and it’s rainy outside, tune in on Nick Jr and see if this great show will be played.

Well, let’s meet Olivia. Olivia is a regular piglet girl who’s almost 7 years old and has a very active imagination. She lives together with her family and has a character like most preschool children: she wants to do more than a regular kid, but mostly she isn’t allowed to do those things. That mostly frustrates her, like mos children will be frustrated when something they want, doesn’t work or isn’t allowed by the parents. Every day is a challenge for her to try new things, she believes she can do or be anything she likes. Sometimes the adventures will get out of control.

Olivia characters

Next to Olivia there are some other characters in this show. Most characters are the direct family of Olivia.

  • Mom and Dad:
    Olivia’s mother is a working Mom who’s trying to create a good mix between being a mom and working as a party planner at home. Of course she’s a loving mom and supports the family in almost everything.
    Olivia’s father is just like her mother, a very loving parent. He’s very patient and loves doing fun stuff with his kids. Of course as a father should be like, he shares his wisdom with his kids.
  • Little brother Ian:
    Ian is Olivia’s little brother who’s 4 years old. He’s always very excited when he’s allowed to be a part of Olivia’s imagination adventures, but mostly he becomes the annoying “little brother”. He loves playing with dinosaurs and robots, is interested in the space and is very fond of spaghetti.
  • Baby William:
    Olivia also has a little baby brother, William. Most things he does during the show is sleeping, eating and crying. But of course, like all baby piglets, he’s absolutely lovely and sweet.
  • Grandma:
    Olivia’s grandmother is a genteel lady of around 60. Just like Olivia she’s fond of adventures and funny things.
  • Pets:
    There are also two animal pets in Olivia’s house, the family dog Perry and the lazy family cat Edwin. Where Perry loves playing with the little pigs, the only thing Perry the Cat does, is eating and sleeping in places where the piglets need to be.

Other characters

Next to these characters in the family of Olivia, there’re also some other relational piglets in this show:

  • Francine:
    I don’t know if Francine is Olivia’s friend or her enemy. One day they seem to get along as friends, the other day they are each other biggest rivals. She lives next door and does everything by the rules to be the best. This contrasts with Olivia, who tries not to follow the rules.
  • Julian:
    Olivia has a best friend, his name is Julian. He’s shy and mostly afraid to do things, kind of the opposite of Olivia. But he’s also a smart guy with a lot of humor inside him. With the adventures of Olivia, he always has the will to get along, but also is a little reserved with it.
  • Mrs. Hogenmuller:
    Mrs. Hogenmuller is Olivia’s teacher. She is very dedicated to her job, and maybe because of that a little strange. She loves cats and is very fond of the outside live.