Monster High

Most grown ups love watching horror and monster movies. Of course kids are not allowed to see these scary movies, because they can have bad dreams about it. But, especially for kids, there’s created Monster High. Monsterhigh is a school for monsters. Not just any monster, but rather the children from the monsters which the grown ups love to watch in movies.

The monsters from Monster High school are dolls, just like Barbie, but as said related to grown up monsters, like Frankenstein and Dracula.
These monster high dolls are unique, have their own characters and the clothes and accessories they wear are scary, but truly fashionable. Of course they must look like their parents, so they have various items related to their parents. You can think about vampire teeth (canines), stitches, ears from a wolf, bandages and plasters, etcetera. Even the names of the monster high dolls are related to their parents, so mostly you can guess by their names and their characteristics who their parents are.

Monster High characters

Below we’ve a list with some known Monster High characters. Next to these main characters of Monster High, there’re of course more characters in Monsterhigh shown, like other Monster High students, teachers and even pets. For example, Count Fabulous is the pet bat of Draculaura.

  • Frankie Stein
    This is Frankenstein’s daughter. When first introduced she was 15 days old (her age is assumed to have gone up as days passed). Clumsy, polite, kind, and a good friend to have and be around, Frankie has black and white hair in the show, but in the novel it is black (except when she is at the monster-themed dance), and her body is held together by stitches and has neck bolts. She’s considered the new ghoul in school and eager to make friends. She is no longer considered the new ghoul in school because she has been a character for about a year now. This character has heterochromia, two different colored eyes and hair.
  • Clawdeen Wolf
    C. Wolf is one a the kids of a werewolf. Clawdeen also has a brother called Clawd Wolf and two sisters called Howleen Wolf and Clawdia.
  • Draculaura
    Count Dracula’s, the famous vampire, has a daughter who’s name is Draculaura. Dracula’s daughter is around 1600 years old and is best friends with Clawdeen and has a relationship with Clawd (the brother of Clawdeen). Normaly wolfs and vampires can’t get along, but these kids give the good example. Typical about Draculaura, is that she doesn’t drink blood (she’s even scared for it and just saying “blood” can make her pass out).

Other Monster High characters

  • Cleo de Nile
    If you think Draculaura is old, Cleo is even older. This girl is around 6000 years old and is one of the daughters of The Mummy. Nefera is her older sister and Cleo has a toxic snake as a pet which is called Hissette. It’s a very popular girl, as she is a very good friend, a real diva and captain from the fearleading (cheerleading for monsters) team. She’s also Deuce Gorgon’s girlfriend.
  • Deuce Gorgon
    One of the boys is Deuce, a 16 years old friendly boy with a lot of friends. Despite the large age difference, he’s Cleo’s boyfriend. Deuce can turn anything into stone, like his mother Medusa. He plays casketball (basketball for monsters) and is the captain of the casketball team on school. Just like his mother, he wears sunglasses for protection and has green snakes on his head.
  • Ghoulia Yelps
    Ghoulia is a 16-year-old zombie and is said to be the smartest monster in high school. But she can’t really speak, so she talks with groans and moans, just like a real zombie.
  • We didn’t mention all characters, but there’re many more monsters in high school, like Abbey Bominable (the daughter of the Yeti), Lagoona Blue (the daughter of the Creature from the Black Lagoon), Spectra Vondergeist (the daughter of the Ghosts), etcetera.

    Monster High coloring pages

    For the fans of Monster High we’ve placed some Monster High coloring pages to download and color in for free. We’ve added some of these monster high coloring pages below (all combined with the Monster High logo), but also placed a link to more Monster High coloring pages. Thus there’re enough monster high coloring sheets for you to color in. Have lots of fun with them. Maybe in the future we’ll create some printable monster high games to play for you.

    Monster High coloring pages 001 Monster High coloring pages 002

    Monster High coloring pages 003 Monster High coloring pages 004

    Monster High coloring pages 005 Monster High coloring pages 006

    Monster High coloring pages 007 Monster High coloring pages 008

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