Monster High coloring pages

When you like our Halloween coloring pages and the Barbie coloring pages, be prepared. In that case you must love the Monster High coloring pages we offer. Next to the Monster High coloring pages we offer with the monster dolls next to the logo of Monster High, we also have some other coloring pages from Monster High. Below you’ll find some coloring pages from the monster high girls and the monster high boys. Of course we’ve also placed some monster high pets coloring pages, with some of the pets from the Monster High dolls.

Find yourself your most favourite Monster High coloring page, download and print it and color it in with the best colors monsters can have. Have lots of fun with these Monster High coloring pages.

Monster High coloring pages

Here we have three Monster High coloring pages with some girls from Monster High. These girls love Monster parties en fearleading (the monster word for cheerleading).

Girls from Monster High School Ghoul party Monster High girls fearleading

Next to the fearleading and parties they love, these Monster High girl also love dancing. And they can really enjoy their pets, who are also little monsters 🙂

Monster High girls coloring pages Monster High coloring pages Monster High girls and their monster pets

Beside the Monster High girls, there are also the Monster High boys. Here we have a coloring page with three of the boys. And because there are more girls than boys in monsterhigh, there’re some extra Monster High coloring pages from the girls.

Monster High coloring sheet Monster High school coloring pages Monster High coloring pages

As said, the Monster High characters love their monster pets. Here we’ve placed some of these pets in three Monster High coloring pages. Just color them in and don’t get these real monster pets into your house.

Monster high pets coloring page Monster High coloring pages Neptuna the Piranha from Monster High

As said above, we have also some coloring pages from some Monster High characters combined with the logo from Monster High. We think they are also very cool to color in. If your interested, you can find them on the Monster High page.