Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse and she’s maybe just as famous as Mickey. That’s why we’ve also made a section with coloring pages from just Minnie Mouse, which you’ll find below. She also has a girlfriend, namely Daisy Duck, who’s the girlfriend of Donald Duck. And Donald is Mickey’s friend again. So, these two mice and two ducks have lots of fun together :).

Minnie Mouse coloring pages

Just like her boyfriend Mickey Mouse, Minnie loves sports and activities as you can see in the coloring pages below. Here she’s surfing with a dolphin, skating, playing tennis and making some music on her violin.

Surfing Minnie Minnie skating Playing tennis Minnie Mouse makes music with a violin

When Minnie doesn’t sport by herself, she supports her friends who are sporting. She does this with flags and cheerleading, sometimes her girlfriend Daisy Duck joins her.

Minnie supports her friends Cheerleading

Here we have 3 coloring pages with Minnie Mouse drawn in the beginning. Minnie is probably a whole genteel and polite lady.

Old drawing from Minnie Minnie Mouse coloring pages Polite Minnie

Minnie Mouse loves activities and dressing up as you can see in the coloring pages below. She also loves writing letters, probably to Mickey Mouse or Daisy Duck. In the past she just wrote a letter with a pen and paper, nowadays she’s doing this on a laptop.

Nurse Minnie Cake Minnie Mouse coloring sheet Minnie

Minnie the princess Mouse Minnie Mouse coloring pages On Hawai Minnie Mouse coloring page

Minnie is a very cute and polite mouse, but she can also be very angry sometimes. On the expression on her face you can see if it’s better to leave her alone to cool off.

Angry Minnie

Beneath we have 4 more coloring pages from Minnie Mouse where she’s not that angry anymore. There you’ll see her laughing, even when there’s a big bird on her hat in the jungle. These are the last coloring pages we have from Minnie. Maybe we’ll add some more in the future. For now you’ll have to do it with these ones. Or just check out the coloring page section to find some other coloring pages.

Minnie Mouse coloring page Mini Mouse Minnie in the jungle Mini Mouse