Mickey Mouse coloring pages

Below we offer you a lot more Mickey Mouse coloring pages. When you have colored in all these coloring pages, you can download and print some more. For example some coloring sheets from the friends of Mickey Mouse. Or the coloring pages from Donald Duck, Goofy, Daisy Duck or Minnie Mouse. You can find links to these pages in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse section.

Of course you can also print the coloring pages from Mickey Mouse again to color them in again more neatly or with other colors. Whatever you decide to do, have lots of fun with it and enjoy :).

Mickey Mouse coloring pages

Just like the most of his friends, Mickey Mouse loves sports as you can see in the eight coloring pages below. There are Mickey Mouse coloring pages from Mickey playing soccer, windsurfing, diving, skateboarding and ice skating. So, you can say he’s a very sportive mouse. I don’t know any other mouse who’s so sportive.

Skating Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse windsurfing Mickey Mouse playing soccer Let's dive

Mickey Mouse skateboarding Mickey Mouse playing icehockey Mickey Mouse coloring pages Mickey Mouse on a skateboard

In addition to the sports coloring pages above, Mickey Mouse also loves playing baseball and basketbal (like Michael Jordan)

Michael Jordan Playing baseball

Mickey Mouse coloring pages with Mickey as a pilot, a knight, a farmer and as a cook.

Mickey the pilot Knight Mickey Mickey the farmer Cook Mickey Mouse

Below you see four coloring pages from Mickey Mouse. In the first he’s dressed up as Frank Sinatra. In the other coloring pages he’s busy with some great activities, like juggling with some balls.

Mickey Sinatra Mickey Mouse coloring page Old Mickey Mouse coloring page Juggling

Mickey Mouse eats a banana together with a monkey. But what did he do with the banana peel? I guess he threw it on the ground, because in the second coloring page he slips on it. So, always throw your rubbish in a trash can 🙂

Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse slips

Here we have 7 more Mickey Mouse coloring pages. What’s your favorit? Maye the coloring page from Mickey playing Santa with all kind of presents, even for Pluto.

Happy Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse coloring pages Microwave Mickey Mouse coloring sheet

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse coloring pages Santa coloring page